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24 September 2014
Only Fools and Horses

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DOB: 31.01.1948
Place: Woolwich

John Challis

Boycie is the local second hand car dealer and for a long time was the richest man Del Boy knew. Boycie, although well-off and arrogant with it, is still a wide boy at heart and enjoys the company of Del and his mates.

Boycie's hobby is breeding tropical fish and he boasts of a having a holiday cottage in Cornwall. He is married to the fabulously named Marlene and has a son called Tyler.


Before they were famous
John had short lived careers as an estate agent and a grocer's assistant. He eventually decided that acting was the way to go and very quickly secured a role in the West End and joined the Royal Shakespeare Company. One of John's biggest disappointments came when he landed a part in The Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour - even getting to meet John, Paul and Ringo - before being told that he couldn't be released from his current acting contract to take the role. John did however appear in The Sweeney, Citizen Smith and Doctor Who.

Famous quote
I might be able to con people into buying my cars. I might be able to convince 'em that you conceived and gave birth in seven days flat, but how the hell am I gonna persuade 'em that my grandad was Louis Armstrong?!
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Where are they now?
John has has parts in Heartbeat, Soldier Soldier and Casualty as well as a number of appearences in feature films.


Del Boy   Del Boy
Rodney   Rodney
Uncle Albert   Uncle Albert
Grandad   Grandad
Raquel   Raquel
Damien   Damien
Cassandra   Cassandra
Trigger   Trigger
Boycie   Boycie
Marlene   Marlene
Denzil   Denzil
Mike   Mike
Mickey   Mickey
Sid   Sid
Slater   Slater
Alan Parry   Alan Parry

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