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28 October 2014
Only Fools and Horses

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Series Seven
Roy Slater The Class of '62

Transmitted: 20.1.1991
Duration: 50 minutes
Viewing Figures: 16.2 million

Del is trying to shift the Futafax. So far his only customer is Mike at The Nag's Head

Raquel is disturbed by a letter from her solicitor, warning that they have traced her ex-husband, who is considering her request for a divorce.

Meanwhile Mike has organised a school reunion, and the regulars all turn up to meet their old friends. The only old friend to turn up is bent copper Roy Slater. After a few drinks, all is forgiven.

Just as Trig, Del, Boycie and Denzil begin to believe that he really has changed for the better, Del discovers the real reason for his return... he is the ex-husband and he wants to blackmail the Trotters. Derek has other ideas, however.

Did You Know?
Roy Slater is played by the one and only Jim Broadbent who was originally slated to play Delboy! Recently he's been Oscar nominated for his role in the film Moulin Rouge!
Famous quote
Slater: Would you do me one favour. When the baby's born, if it's a boy would you call him after me?
Rodney: I wouldn't have thought so. It's not fair to christen a kid 'Dick!' is it?

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