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28 October 2014
Only Fools and Horses

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Series Six
Rodney The Unlucky Winner Is...

Transmitted: 29.1.1989
Duration: 50 minutes
Viewing Figures: 17 million

Del has entered every competition on the market, trying to win as many freebies as possible.

Rodney has unknowingly been entered for an art competition, and won it. It's only when he arrives at the 5 star hotel in Mallorca that he learns he was a schoolboy when he composed the winning painting, and has won the under-15 category.

While Del and Cassie enjoy playing mum and dad, Rodders has to endure the Fun Bus, chaotic children, and becoming a lifelong member of The Groovy Gang.

He has the last laugh, however, as Del's tinkering with his passport makes them ineligible to claim Rodney's winning ticket on the Spanish lottery.

Did You Know?
Gina Bellman, Carmen in this episode, caused controversy in the title role of Dennis Potter's Black Eyes. She is also extremely popular as dim-but-thin sexpot Jane Christie in the sitcom Coupling.
Famous quote
Rodney: Get out here now, you dipstick, I'm going to kill you!
Del: Oi, oi, oi. What's up with you?
Rodney: I'll tell you what's up with me... Thanks to you I am now a 26 year-old man who just came second in a skateboard derby!
Del: Second? You were in the lead when I saw you!
Rodney: I fell off.

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