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28 October 2014
Only Fools and Horses

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Series Six
Rodney and Casssandra Little Problems

Transmitted: 12.2.1989
Duration: 50 minutes
Viewing Figures: 18.9 million

's down in the dumps. Despite getting engaged, he thinks he's failed his Diploma in Computer Science, which could cost him a good job at Cassandra's father's company.

On top of that, he can't come up with his share of the dosh for the new flat he and Cassandra plan to buy. His only relief is that the diploma arrives in the post.

Del comes to the rescue, promising to call in all his favours to raise the money Rodney needs.

Trouble is, the Driscoll brothers are calling in their debts, and those who can't pay get bruised.

Managing to buy precious time, Del cons Boycie into paying for some dodgy video recorders and can cover the Trotter's debts. Meanwhile, Uncle Albert has Del sussed, and asks him how much Rodney's diploma cost.

Not all goes to plan in the end, and Del fulfils the duties as a battered and bruised Best Man. After some words of Trotter wisdom, Rodders and Cassie journey to Rimini for their honeymoon.

Did You Know?
Roy Marsden (aka Danny Driscoll) has a small uncredited role as Gestapo Officer in John Sturges 1976 film The Eagle Has Landed. Christopher Ryan (aka Tony Driscoll) is arguably best known for his role as Mike TheCoolPerson in The Young Ones.
Famous quote
Danny: I wanna buy everyone in this pub a drink, whatever they want. Now here's a pound and I want change.
(Stares at Mike daring him to argue)
Boycie: Large cognac, please, Michael.

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