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24 September 2014
Only Fools and Horses

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Series Six
Delboy and the dolls! Danger UXD

Transmitted: 15.1.1989
Duration: 50 minutes
Viewing Figures: 16.1 million

Del continues to pursue the Yuppy lifestyle, and insists that Rodney follows suit by wearing… a suit. He convinces his young bruv that it will help him shift 50 video recorders he got off of Ronnie Nelson at the Advanced Electronics Research and Development Centre.

Ever the opportunist, Del helps Denzil out by taking 50 dolls off his hands. Unfortunately the Trotters discover too late that they are inflatable sex dolls, filled with explosive propane gas.

Did You Know?
Takashi Kawahara - the Chinese takeaway owner in this episode - also played the role of Shinya in the classic 80s drama Tenko.
Famous quote
Rodney: Del, them dolls are dangerous! They've been on the news everywhere!
Del: How d'you know it was those dolls that they were talking about?
Rodney: I know, right, I just know!
Del: Well, the only thing that I know is I've got 60 quid laying out over there and us two are hanging about here like a couple of spare ones at a wedding. I've had enough of this, come on!
Rodney: See.
Del: [To watching winos] I told em not to have the mutton vindaloo!

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