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24 September 2014
Only Fools and Horses

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Trotter's Pre-Blessed WineTrotter's Pre-Blessed Wine -
Miami Twice

Del's Spiel: 'The church'll be rejoicing, the flock'll be redeemed. Rein a dire, rein a faire as they say in Lourdes.'

The Real Deal: This Romanian wine, blessed by the lorry load for communion, happens to be white wine.

Peckham Spring Water - Mother Nature's Son (1992)
Del's Spiel: 'Peckham Spring water, from a natural and ancient source.'

The Real Deal: 'Well its from the Thames, you can't get more ancient and natural than that!'

Two Ton of Hooky Persil - Diamonds Are For Heather (1982)
Del's Spiel: Del thought he was on a winner when his rich bird was left a chain of launderettes and he acquired two ton of hooky Persil.

The Real Deal: Unfortunately she dumped Del before he could strike a deal. Del's now lumbered with the two ton of Persil.

Vintage Beaujolais White Wine - Wendy Sykes, Nottingham
(Hooky Street Winner!)

Del's Spiel: 'Pressed from the finest grapes in France, 5 year old Beaujolais Nouveau white wine as drunk by Jean-Claude van Damme.'

The Real Deal: White wine is contained in the bottles and as any drinker of wine knows Beaujolais Nouveau is RED! and should be consumed within 6 months.

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