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28 October 2014

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A radio series in which children's character Bod is worshipped as a god is always going to be worth a listen...

It's 2099. The calendar has been restructured to include months Octember and Janril, and there's a new season, hamble - which is generally just drizzly. 'Cattle-clasm' has wiped out the majority of the UK's livestock, and 'the Withering' has meant the loss of a great deal of human knowledge.

Into this environment steps Professor Nebulous, the director of KENT (the Key Environmental Nonjudgemental Taskforce).

It's the role of him and his team to combat the anomalies thrown at post-apocalyptic England by a world twisted out of recognition.

Assisting the prof is dim-witted, love-struck sidekick Paula Breeze; ladies' man Rory Lawson; techie Harry Hayes; super computer Gemini and unhelpful minister Sir Ronald Rolands.

That's the set up for this imaginative BBC Radio Four comedy, described by The Times as "a winning blend of Doomwatch, Quatermass and British silliness that has cult written all over it".

Happy to parody obscure 1970s episodes of long-defunct sci fi series, the show wears its geek leanings on its sleeve. Not only has star Gatiss written and appeared in Doctor Who, but Nebulous' director, Nicholas Briggs, provides the voice of the Daleks.

At times, this approach has backfired, leading to accusations the series is simply a weak version of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

"A lot of people seem to think I'm into Douglas Adams," says Duff, "but I'm only familiar with the TV show really. I do find it surprising there haven't been more sci-fi comedies for radio though."

Whatever - while the likes of the evil Destinoyd's still threaten mankind, thank Bod Nebulous is here to save the day.


Mark Gatiss
Professor Nebulous
Steve Coogan
David Warner
Doctor Klench
Graham Duff
Rory Lawson
Rosie Cavaliero
Paula Breeze
Julia Dalkin
Gemini, Nebulous’s mother
Graham Crowden
Ronald Rolands
Matt Wolf
Nebulous’s father
Paul Putner
Harry Hayes
Kate O'Mara
Peter Davison


Graham Duff
Nicholas Briggs
Ted Dowd

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