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28 October 2014

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They Shoot Harpers, Don't They?

Susan and Michael

 Episode: 2

First Aired 28th March 2003

In conversation with Susan, Roger reveals a hitherto unknown talent for dancing. An expert at lambada, salsa and numerous others he wants to ask Abi out for an evening of hip swivelling. Susan tries to spur him on but when Abi returns home, Roger's courage fails him.

Michael comes home from school depressed but denies anything has happened to cause his mood. He eventually comes clean under interrogation from Susan - it turns out he has 'only' achieved a B in a mid-term exam. As far as Michael is concerned it is all down hill from here.

After an initial misunderstanding where Ben thinks Michael has acquired a pet bee they have a father to son talk. Ben tells Michael to have lower expectations and then he will never be disappointed.

Meanwhile Susan has been inspired by Roger and wants to take up dancing lessons - Ben flatly turns this down but agrees to join a wine tasting class. Needless to say on arrival at the 'wine-tasting' Ben is horrified to find that the class is, in fact, 'Modern Latin Dance' and, even worse, he has just volunteered to perform a demonstration.

However by the end of the class Ben has been transformed - he reckons he has a raw untapped talent and is desperate to beat Susan in the class dancing competition.

Back at home Michael has cheered up considerably after having determined the reason for his intellectual dip - girls. Michael has been thinking too much about girls and is now hellbent on 'chemical castration' through altering his diet.

In the next week both Ben and Susan frantically practise their moves at every opportunity and Susan enlists Roger to teach her. It pays off and in the final showdown Susan is triumphant - though Ben swears blind that he intended to lose just to keep her sweet.

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