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28 October 2014

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Meet the family

The Harpers
  • Ben Harper

    Occupation: Dentist
    Played By: Robert Lindsay
    Also seen in: Citizen Smith, GBH, Hornblower, A Very Social Secretary
    Other Stuff: Robert Lindsay has one son and one daughter - Sydney and Sam. It’s now 25 years since he first appeared as Wolfie in Citizen Smith - his last sitcom before My Family. His real name is Robert Lindsay Stevenson.

    Robert Lindsay as Ben Harper
  • Susan Harper

    Occupation: Tour Guide
    Played By: Zoë Wanamaker
    Also seen in: Prime Suspect, Gormenghast, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Johnny and the Bomb
    Other Stuff: Zoë was born in New York but grew up in England after her father was blacklisted during the McCarthy persecutions.

    Zoë Wanamake as Susan Harper
  • Nick Harper

    Occupation: various (all unsuccessful)
    Played By: Kris Marshall
    Also seen in: My Life in Film, Funland, Je T'aime John Wayne, Iris, Love Actually.
    Other Stuff: Kris Marshall once had a job in children’s theatre, when he had to dress up as large, fluffy owl.

    Kris Marshall as Nick Harper
  • Janey Harper

    Occupation: waitress (sacked)
    Played By: Daniela Denby-Ashe
    Also seen in: EastEnders, Office Gossip, Ab Fab.
    Other Stuff: Daniela appeared in an episode of Absolutely Fabulous as Saffy’s (future) daughter, Victoria.

    Daniela Denby-Ashe as Janey Harper
  • Michael Harper

    Occupation: still at school
    Played By: Gabriel Thomson
    Also seen in: Great Expectations, Enemy At The Gates, The New Adventures of Pinocchio.
    Other Stuff: Gabriel Thomson’s acting debut came at the age of four, when he appeared in a Frosties commercial.

    Gabriel Thomson as Michael Harper
  • Abi Harper

    Occupation: Student
    Played By: Siobhan Hayes
    Also seen in: Little Britain, Cry Wolf, The Bill, Eastenders, Starting Out, Birds of a Feather.
    Other Stuff: Siobhan appeared in three series of the Radio 4 comedy drama Absolute Power with Stephen Fry.

    Siobhan Hayes as Abi Harper

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