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24 September 2014
The Mighty Boosh

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The Mighty Boosh | Series Two | Episode Six
Milky Joe takes to the witness box

The Nightmare of Milky Joe

Travelling like the settlers of old (because Howard is scared of flying), Howard and Vince set out by boat for the Pieface Records showcase in the US of A.

But they never get there, and instead find themselves marooned on a desert island on which there isn't much to eat - now that Breakfast Bob has left - apart from coconuts.

Howard occupies himself by carving words on to a slab of stone with tweezers, whilst Vince designs some bamboo drainpipes for the New Wave castaway. But paradise this ain't - at least according to Howard, whose bleak worldview, despite the idyllic tropical setting, ends up dividing the boys by a literal line in the sand.

Soon Howard finds someone else to share his time with, someone who will engage in stimulating intellectual conversation: Milky Joe. Milky Joe is just a coconut on a stick, but it's enough to make Vince jealous, until he starts his own relationship with the gorgeous coconut Ruby.

From there, things get even stranger. Vince invites Howard to his hut for a meal, where Howard hopes to woo Ruby's friend, Precious Lilywhite. And he does, sort of, casting aside boring Milky Joe and his constant talk of Sartre. But things don't work out for the best.

Howard, trapped in a destructive relationship, lashes out and accidentally kills Precious. With the help of Vince he tries to dispose of the body, but it's too late - the whole thing has been caught on film, and the pair are put on trial for murder by the coconut court.

Thankfully it's not really as bad as all that - the whole ordeal is simply a shared nightmare induced by eating rancid coconuts. Needless to say, Vince and Howard don't make the Pieface showcase.

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