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24 September 2014

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Saboo and Tony Harrison

Series: 2 Episode: 3

Vince has invited two goth girls he met at a club to the flat.

Goth Girl

He did this under the drunken pretence that he's some kind of warlock, which obviously he isn't.

So in order to maintain the charade, he persuades Howard to 'goth up' and borrows Naboo's book of Black Magic. It's pretty dark. He summons a demon to impress the girls, but all they get is a little old lady... or so it first appears.


In fact, it is a demon, Nanatoo, the evilest demon known to man. Of course, the worst thing that could happen is that Nanatoo gets hold of Naboo's book of Black Magic - which of course she does, enabling her to multiply and bring about Nanageddon. And no-one wants that.

Especially not the Board of Shamen, who suspend Naboo's shamanistic powers as punishment for his carelessness until he can reclaim the book.

Instead, he gets drunk. Doubting Naboo's abilities, Saboo (played by The IT Crowd and Garth Marenghi's Richard Ayoade) and Tony Harrison from the Board of Shaman are also dispatched to find the book, but they're no better: Tony has a gift for strategy, but no body - and even his gift for strategy is drawn into question.

So who's left to sort it all out? Drunken, powerless Naboo? Two bickering shamen?

No, once again it's all down to Vince 'Obsidian Blackbird McNight' Noir and Howard 'Howard Moon' Moon.

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