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24 September 2014
look around you

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a scientific bubble-housethe power of sulphangea computerised toasting system

Have you been Scientifically Aroused by issues raised in this programme?

EMAIL your thoughts and theories to this website now.

DVD NEWS: 22 Spet. A new message from Robert and Peter about the DVD. Also a new section which explains how a DVD works. You can already pre-order it from the BBC Shop. 9/06/03

A Mountain wrote:
Is there a timeframe for a DVD release of this most wonderous of shows..? Hopefully we can have a nice A3 poster print of the Periodic Table in the DVD case..? It would go nicely above my workbench, bunsen and retorts...

Sargant wrote:
The Official UPAC Periodic Table for Use with the Jerrards & North-Southern Matriculation Board of Examiners exam board has now been covertly erected in the 6th form chemistry lab I attend. This has produced highly informative results, however the addition of the catalyst French Tetrahydride Borate as a reducing agent to 1-Goo butanoic acid to form 1-Goo butanal seems to be widely unknown - attempts to re-educate my fellow classmates have so far been with little success, although this may change when I introduce them to the presence of hydrogen bonding in the radioactive isotopes of Rhubarb and Custard. Thank you for helping chemistry to develop and grow for the new millennium.

VSDevonport (BA Hons.) wrote:
Quite splendid news... so the BBC are responding to the swell of scientific public opinion. Quite, quite splendid. I look forward to purchasing the video and gathering around a log fire with my family to watch it. BUT DON'T STOP THERE... make more why don't you... I can see it now... wonderful insights into the world of the atom and his circumference... full analysis of how different foods affect our ability to think... the scientific origins of British (and international?) accents, and even, the mysterious worlds of cheese and teeth. Do it team... the nation is ready for such mental stimulation (especially now the nights are drawing out) Ready and waiting with my video tape machine set to "SOON"

H Andrew wrote:
This was one of the funniest programs shown in 2002! My friend and I are still laughing about the snowman with batteries for eyes and an upside down calculator with O7734 on the display for a mouth (07734 looks like the word 'hello' on a calculator if you hold it upside down) we laughed so much we were crying so BBC please please please repeat this series so we can catch the rest of it. The same thing happened on the Ghosts episode!, what's the e-mail address to send requests for the production of a DVD, anyone know? Also did everyone know that 1000 degrees is the true boiling point of water! I always thought it was.

16-01-03 P Little wrote:
I and my colleagues are in grave danger. We're fighting the intense gravitation waves from a point singularity formed by the sudden collapse of mirth. When Look around you ended, the vacuum left behind set up a chain of events which , if not stopped, will form a black hole (one end of an einstein-rosen wormhole) which will ultimately suck all matter in this part of space time to a strange ,distant and mirthless alternate reality populated only by accountant ,taxidermists and politicians. Please, for the sake of humanity .. Release the DVD!!!

St*r [looking around me!] wrote:
I have created an unofficial Look Around You club/group that can be found at:
Anyone interested can join, since it's a bit boring with just me there(!)

Site Facilitator says: Well done St*r. Hope the scientific community pops by, though not all at once - that would cause chaos.

J Moore, Bristol wrote:
As both a Chemistry and Physics AS student, I was shocked and appalled when i realised that my teachers were trying to lead me astray from the 'true' science your excellent show promotes. I can only wonder at their reasoning and motives behind this most dreadful crime, and am eagerly awaiting the next series so that i can touch up on my science and pass my exams. Long live Bumcivillian!!

P R Milsom wrote:
Hi there... The Periodic table is excellent, but you missed one, and I'm surprised, quite frankly, the rarest metal is of course 'Unobtanium.' I've tried to get it but with little success.... Thanks.

R Norris wrote:
With regard to V Davonport's comments on 18/12/02, I have to say that I think that the BBC executives are a load of w... (cant say that word!). What is wrong with them? All they have to do is look at your feedback page to see that more than enough people like Look Around You. If a second series was to be commisioned, I think that many more people would watch it if the beeb put more into advertising it. The only way that I found out about it was when I was trying to pass the time until the league of gentlemen came on. However, Look Around You quickly became the top item on my list of preferences. Come on all of you execs at the bbc, you know you want to...

G Williams wrote:
Am i the only one who thinks PIE is missing from the periodic table?

Site Facilitator says: So far, yes.

D Grover
I can't believe that this fab series isn't going to be repeated. Considering the rave reviews it got and considering the garbage that does get repeated showings time and time again I am incredulous. I only managed to see a few episodes. Please think about repeating it BBC and better still put it out on DVD.

M Chopping wrote:
A DVD of the series is a must, and another series. Great to see such a small programme make the top 100, makes sitting through 100 to 57 worthwhile to see the ants make the igloo. Top stuff.

M. Kelly wrote:
Look Around You is easily the best comedy programme of 2002, even though it is but 10 minutes long each week. Me and my house-mates watched weekly from the Water episode, and passed the word around to families and friends. Now we're all quoting it (a sign of quality comedy - you should experiment on this). Now we all want to go back and see them all again, including the one we missed. Video or DVD please.
'ulphur... Sulphur'

J. Kimber wrote:
I just love this series! It would be such a shame if a DVD wasn't released as the series was so good! I wouldn't mind paying for a video download in DivX if a DVD release was not viable. Strangly enough, I still have one of those BBC computers, with FDD and even an EEPROM expansion board I found in a skip! I look foreward to a series one release, and series 2!

I. Barrett wrote:
My physics teacher was sacked for showing us a video which demonstrated resonance by sitting a bare-breasted woman on a vibrating platform (honestly). Could you incorporate that into a new episode, or better still find the original video?

A Balkham wrote:
I would like to congraulate 'Look Around You' on both its high quality portrayal of the world of science in an approachable and understandable way, and also for achieving the coveted position of the 56th best TV treat of 2002. I also add my voice to the now horde of those clamouring for a video and/or DVD release of the series.

C Battye wrote:
As the science coordinator of a large primary school I showed my kids a video of the programme devoted to music (hey! cross-curricular!). Unfortunately, my 11 year olds have no sense of irony and took everything as gospel! Last year 99% of my pupils achieved level 4 in the SATs. I hope I haven't ruined this years results! I would like to get hold of the 'sheet music' generated by the Harrington computer. I can't stop singing 'Little Mouse'. I'm going to persuade my band to cover it.

B Rider wrote:
Our computing teacher demands that we watch it every week! Thing is where can we get the full version of little mouse as in my opinion that was the funniest episode!

Site Facilitator says: an mp3 (musica prorondentia III) of Jack Morgan's Little Mouse is available on this site.

M Murphy wrote:
Ever since i have been at secondary school me and my friends have joked about making comical textbooks because we regularly make puns at the words and images in the material we are given to learn with. Your programme is twice as funny to me because i firmly believe half of science is made up; actually i don't care if it is or isn't because your show makes me laugh and satisfies me more than the answer to my query. Keep producing your comedy; perhaps have a spoof on science teachers.

T Moss wrote:
Is Hovis an Isotope of Bread? And how does Bread combine with Carbon to form Toast?

R Teanor wrote:
During a chemistry lesson this week, i spilled iodine on my shoulders and shins. Will my skin return to its normal colour? Will i develop any special powers?

Euphonium Steve wrote:
Very very good. more please. The BBC computer was a particularly nice touch, i remember when my school had just bought one and everyone was completely in awe of it, and i walked past it and pressed the space bar. The computer went 'beep,' and i got a right bollocking because i 'could have broken the school computer.' I told my teacher that any computer that was sensibly designed would not break if a button was pressed (so how come most of them still do?) and got a further bollocking. If you're reading this, Mrs White, I was never scared of you, although you made Ashley sh*t his pants.

V Davonport wrote:
Dear scientific team,
I know I've already written to you, but I thought I'd let you (and all your many fans) see the very disappointing and unsatisfactory reply I received from the BBC when asking about your fab series. They replied as follows :

'I am delighted to learn that you enjoyed this series so much. There are currently no plans to screen a repeat of ‘Look Around You’ on the BBC's terrestrial or digital channels although I will certainly register your interest for the attention of our schedulers...
...The BBC have no plans at present to release a DVD or video of the series. We are also not aware of any other company planning to release copies in the near future. Please be assured, however, that your interest in seeing ‘Look Around You’ being released has been noted for the attention of senior management within the corporation...'

Not good enough I'm afraid.
What's the big problem finding just a little slot of time to re-run this excellent, well-observed, refreshing, visually amusing, "nostalgic", gem of a series. Why not put it on really late if there's no room elsewhere... we fans will simply programme our electronic video magnetic tape machines to record it to watch at our leisure. Think about it BBC, you know it makes sense. It's simply logical!
Yours still chuckling,
VSDevonport (BA)
P.S. My wife has just recorded over the only episode I managed to record (the last one on "The Brain"). Come on Beeb, do your thing!

M Morley wrote:
You seem not to have considered... THE ELEMENT OF SUPRISE!

R Dunlop wrote:
I am a sixth former, studying Maths, Biology and Chemistry and college. Having recorded an episode of Look Around You (the one on germs) I convinced my Biology teacher to show it during the class. Only by the point that it said 'Germs originated in Germany' did the teacher suddenly say, 'Wait a minute, this is a bloody piss take!'. This caused universal laugher among an already amused bunch of schoolchildren. Thank you.

D Brain wrote:
I think it would be great if you could buy a poster- sized version of your periodic table in shops and over the internet as it has got to be the funniest version I have seen.

Gus J wrote:
Please make a new series. Look around is da best. (But don't bother if its gonna be crap like the third leauge of gentlemen series)

R Dyson wrote:
I was thinking, would you need special stitch thread to stitch a pea? or just normal? Also BRING OUT A LOOK AROUND YOU VHS! I could educate my younger sister! Thanks!

Mr E. George wrote:
Dear Look Around You, Can I just thank you for your highly informative and stimulating program? By looking around (and via the contiguous nature of motion, occasionally at) your five part series, I can confirm that my understanding of science and mathematics has increased precisely three fold.

Site Facilitator says: I thought there were eight parts? Or did I just dream it? I was certainly asked to make eight red sticky labels.

R Schofield wrote:
Dear BBC, I shall be brief and to the point as my intellectual genius is reqired urgently in the transfigulatoritation lab to continue my vital study into the behavior of okapis in inner city housing. I must state that i await the releasage of the educational series 'Look Around You' on video or DVD (digestively villified doughnut) as it could be used as a vital source of educationatory stimuli for those wishing to break through into the marvellous and conspligatory world of science which i am lucky enough to be employigated in and have been for 456781.9999999 kilonanodronseconds. As well as this reason for releasing the series 'Look Around You' on video and DVD, It is endorsed by me and the rest of the Great Engineers, Narcoleptics, Interlectuals Umming Scienticifically (GENIUS). This endorsement means that should you decide not to release 'Look Around You' on video and DVD you will be attacked biologicafally by a new genestetically engineered virus named 'Mega Big Pox'. Yours Scientifically and Interlectually, Prof. R Schofield (bse, hmv, aa, rac, virgin megastores)

VSDevonport (BA) wrote:
Great series (even if I only managed to see two episodes). Even watching it alone I was laughing loudly. A great idea. Please release some more... please release a DVD/Video of current editions. Will the BBC be repeating any...if so, when? How about one on the Planets, or teeth??? An excellent watch!

PS if you perform the pyramid experiment and use TWO 9V batteries connected in serial parallel, and a 240V source, it produces bronze pinking shears in the sky, (a much safer, and more impressive option than your giant household scissors I think).

Prof. Van Google wrote:
I shall sorely miss Look Around You until THE NEXT SERIES. I have viewed this great show religiously since Water (i missed Maths) I even tape the show to watch it over and over again. I have dowloaded LIttle Mouse and also listen to that frequently (IT WILL GET TO NUMBER ONE) and agree with one of your other fans that you should make an episode based on Geology which is renouned for old videos from that period. These videos were conducted by greasy geologists which very large beards. I think of Look around you every time I watch one. Good luck for the future. Thants

K Peirce wrote:
The show is soooo silly!  I love it! :)  Please film a second series - but why not make them 15 mins long so that the introductions to the show don't use up so much 'valuable' time?

J Hayward wrote:
I'm still in stitches having seen the last episode 2 hours ago. *PLEASE* could it be released on DVD/video!

J Wakeman wrote
Having just removed my son's brain and having placed it in brine as instructed, I am at a loss to find a source of brain flakes. Has anyone written down (in their copybooks mayhap) the name of any establishments that purvey this material?
Also, clearly the senior personnel at the bbc have been neither using nor feeding their brains nor those of the planners - which I assume are arrayed in jars along the many functional corridors in the headquarters building. For if they had been thinking they would have offered this compelling educational gem on video, DVD, DC, AC, BC and QV. I would personally purchase at least one or more copy(ies).
John Wakeman BSc (Hons) MRSC Ch.Chem

J Williams wrote
I have just got to write and tell you how much I enjoyed the Look Around You series. I wonder is there a video of the programmes available? There have been so many wonderful BBC comedy programmes - but very few have had me crying with laughter as much as this one! Thank you for such a well judged piece of lunacy.

Thomas Eyeball wrote
Dear Look Around You,
I found your series to be highly informative and entertaining, but I was concerned by the periodic table on your website which fails to mention the following elements: wool, concrete, bacon, emporium, mayonnaise, plato, ironium, lecture, joseph, milk, William, turquoise, lunch, bench, oxygenium, biactol, diamondium, ice, walrus, sweat, portsmouth, bread, phlegm, money, steven, laughter, cake, lismuth, sponge, bass, soap, bone, glue, surgery, toothpaste, salt, scum, radio, colosseum, elementium, paper, sawdust, ink, curd, woman, soup, manium, spaghetti, dust, susan, badminton, nickelodeon, rain, metal, and gas.

Your sincerely, Professor Thomas Eyeball Bsc, Hons, Mons, Glans.
North Sea University.

W Bob wrote
Hey I may be wrong here but does anyone get the feeling that people want the series on DVD and the music on CD?  

W Bank wrote
I think Look Around You is absolutely brilliant, and it totally reminds me of the educational science videos that we have to watch in school (I'm in Y10) - with one exception - it's great!!! It had me in stitches. Please bring out a video so I can watch the ones I missed, and LITTLE MOUSE FOR CHRISTMAS NO. ONE!!!! Pls release it on CD - I'd buy it!  

S Imon wrote
I tried to do you iron pyramid experment at school, but my teacher hadn't heard of it. Given that my school is a science college, you would have thought that such an easy and simple experiment would be done all the time, but no. And the periodic table is old and doesn't even have Christmas on it. I want the 'look around you' video for christmas so I can educate my educators.  

Ben Buckle Pdq Bse Etc wrote
After many tens of Kilominutes of intensive research based on a predicted percentage smagulation of viewing figures I can see LAY going on to bigger and better things to the gertrude-percentile.

I would have attached the graph of my findings but being unable to replicate the Le-Cardigan scale on a conventional furrowgraph I had to graphically formululise my results on the standard four dimensional record padlet which is, as I'm sure your aware, impossible to send via BOEDTT (Brain oscilised electronic data tranference technique) as this message.

Anyway, many thanks BBC for such a trebunculan programme, please, please, please release it to 9.7" AVLP for Christmas.  

T Tasici wrote
I have to say, after looking at your quizzes, this has to be the most randomly hilarious site I've ever been to. Keep it up and try harder next time...   Now, I can't wait to see it on TV!  

Prof. T Hundlegrum wrote
To add a fourth (or 230molecules of DO - 'Doreen') to the questioning, when will I be able to purchase the BBC's informative series "Look Around You" from commercial premises. Please keep me informed as I require further information on how to diffuse a patented Lock and Sabler 'Filth Grenade'.  

M Hatton wrote
Little Mouse is best ever!!!!! EVERYONE SHOULD HEAR IT although there is one problem with it, in the video on the programme there aren't many (if any) appearances of mice even though the song is called Little Mouse. Sorry as this problem is merely trivial so feel free to bin (delete or whatever) this email.  

J Fautley wrote
Well, thanks a lot. I've just killed my cat by zapping it with a large lightning bolt from a pyramid of Iron. My mum is going to kill me. Perhaps the brain episode will teach me how to revive it?

I think i must have made a mistake in my calculations... please please please release a DVD so i can check and recheck my working. Also, I spilt Sulphagne all over my workbook, so can't use that to crossreference.

Also, please release Little Mouse as a single... it so has to get to the No 1 slot in time for christmas, so we can hear it being played over and over again on the radio, instead of some lame songs by 'conventional' artists (the ones who are too stoopid to use Harrington 1200's to compose their music). Thants.  

J Robinson wrote
You really must get the BBC to release this on video/DVD. It is a classic series which appeals to my 13 yr old son as much as it does to my colleagues at work (in a biochemistry lab incidentally).  Keep up the good work.  

N Buchan wrote
Absolutely fantastic! Stumbled on it by accident last week and can't wait for next one! It's so realistic (I'm 30!) that to start with i wondered if it WAS really an old repeat! Even down to the sulky pupil with his LAY textbook on his desk.   You MUST release on video (betamax perhaps?) as this is the funniest thing on TV at the moment, indeed for a long while.  

A Tomlinson wrote
Without doubt the funniest programme I have seen in years, although some episodes are much funnier than others. The "Germs" episode had me laughing uncontrollably. I had not laughed like that since I saw "Airplane" for the first time. Please, please, pretty please, release a video. Little Mouse for No.1; it is better than anything Will Young has ever come up with!!!!  

A Chambers wrote
I can't believe how much i found myself laughing at this show. One of the funniest comedies i have ever seen. When are you gonna release it to buy? I want it now!!!!!!!!

L Phriday wrote
Here's a program I wrote for a "Look Around You Adventure Game":
  10 CLS
20 PRINT "You are standing in a laboratory. What next?"
40 PRINT "Sorry, I don't know how to do that."
50 GOTO 10

  Educational as well as fun!

  Write that down.

R Mortimer wrote
Absolute genius. I'll put my name down for DVD and a copy of Little Mouse! More please BBC, and lets see an English version, or a maths version, or a parody of music time and those other 80s schools programmes where they taught you to play the recorder and triangle simultanously whilst wearing vomit inducing cardigans...! (rambles on for a while...) I haven't laughed so hard in ages.

Profs. L, A and M Chop wrote
Thanking you on such a marvelous program. One can only hope that a further series is implemented in the not to distant future. Also, I would like to ask you to include some or more programs on the fabulous topic of cheese and all of its fellow dairy products. Such a program would create gallons of joy for myself and my esteemed colleagues, Although cleaning this joy afterwards may take some time.

Dr A Griff wrote
Following your recent program on spirits, I have been compelled to take the issue if misbehaving ghouls in the laboratory to task. I have consequently concluded that the crucifix used in you apparatus should be substituted with a pentagram. This is because the symbol of the crucifix is often worn around the necks of elderly people who in turn are not only close to the spirit world themselves, but also smell off mothballs, or more accurately the chemical Xenonandon. As we all know, spirits are aggravated by this sent, and as a result of this can become troublesome. The usage of a pentagram is therefore a much more reliable catalyst and should be used in all future experiments. Note for copybooks: Recent tests have proved that the chances of demonic possession to the scientist are minimal. (1 in 23.93763333)

A Hillman wrote
Disaster! Am reduced to stapling A4 pieces of paper together in order to get a large enough copy of your periodic table to display on my classroom wall.  Worse - it took my Year 13 class at least ten minutes to recognise that your new and highly improved version was different from Mendeleev's antiquated efforts. I have been asked to enquire on the properties of wood goo (WdG2) by an interested Year 12 Pupil. 

Prof. Liebstrom (NVQ, QED, HMV, KGB, MI5) wrote
Having watched the recent episode on music, I have become deeply troubled. My piuno does not have any visible sign of a Boite Diabolique, and I wonder where I might acquire one? Also, is it likely that there might be a future episode concerning the singularly mysterious substance known as Spam?

I Shillito wrote
Look Around You is one of the funniest series I have seen all year. The look and feel transported me straight back to the classroom and the countdown clock at the start was sheer genius... 'Little Mouse' for Christmas number 1 and 'Look Around You' for DVD release in 2003 please. Oh, and I think the atomic weight of Christmas is incorrect, but I'm not sure.

T Acp wrote
This programme is so funny!  It is so like the 70s school science programmes it is unbelievable.  I love the bit at beginning when someone types in basic a programme to say "look Around You" all over the screen!

X Seaman wrote
Release "Little Mouse" in single form now!! It will be the first single I've bought since 1982 - first refusal on the remix please!

Kikaboka wrote
I love Look Around You. Can you tell me if there are any plans to release a DVD or VHS? I'm sure people would buy it in the thousands. And as for Little Mouse, could you please release it either in full on a CD or on the net?  

C Quinns wrote
My mum has a slot on a community radio station in Bradford and hopefully I'll persuade her to play it on air and we can get this song to number one where it deserves to be, instead of some crappy boy band being crimbo number 1.    

N Edmonds (BSc, RAF, NSPCC, aRce) wrote
Look Around You. Look Around You. Just Look Around You.   Have you guessed what my email is about?   Yes, that's right. Little Mouse. CHRISTMAS NO. 1 2002!!!   P.S. Can I have Jack Morgan's autograph?      

R Fraser wrote
we love look around you, can you please release it as a crimbo single, we don't want the popstars 2 get 2 number 1, we want little mouse. Is look around you coming out on video/dvd? Ros, age 13.      

T Parry-Jones wrote
Congratulations on such an ace show. I await the DVD (which you WILL produce) with much anticipation. And I can assure you that there is 4 quid in my pocket waiting to be spent on 'Little Mouse' the single.   Any chance of another series?      

R Schofield wrote
My scientific comrade Dr Professor Webb and I are currently studying the combustion enthalpies of alcohols. I suggested pouring the alcohols into a conical flask and lighting the liquid with a match. Our health and safety supervisor said that this would be dangerous and would not even allow us to complete this vital experiment even with the relevant safety equipment (safety goggles). This has set our research back greatly and furthermore it means that we shall have to visit a country where this experiment would be allowed to take place such as Germany. Whilst we are visiting Germany (home of all nasty dirty germs) we shall also be researching the combustion enthalpies of dachsunds.    

B Welsh wrote
This is the funniest thing i have ever seen and i am a comedy fanatic. PLEEASE release the series on DVD with a soundtrack part. I completely agree with M Lowes points pleeeaaaaase make it a dvd or at least make some merchandise like a real text book or a poster of the periodic table    

A Mellor wrote
Bleddy Marvellous.  I have the periodic table pinned to my wall at work, and everyone thinks I'm a bit of a geek.  Until they get a closer look.  Personal favourite?  Chemical symbol "Bf" - Beef.  

R Norris wrote
Although I have written in before, I must make my point clear again: the series MUST be released on DVD or at least video. Those of us who do not have a big enough memory after constant sulphange experiments cannot remember to set the video cassette recorder every week at the correct time. We need to have our own copy for reference. And, like I said before, the programs need to be longer. Much longer.  

J Staplehur wrote
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! I missed Look Around You (Music). I cried myself to sleep that night. So now I beg of you to bring out the video so I may watch Look Around You all day, all night, everyday. PLEASE I'll be really good PLEASE!!!!!  

M Wilson wrote
Look Around You is a hilarious TV programme. Hat's off to the writers. It's so funny. Hopefully, they'll get released on video so myself (and other fans) can watch them again and again. Well Done BBC for making such an ace Show. It kicks ass! And yeah why not let 'Little Mouse' get to number 1 - it should be. It's great.  

J Grigg wrote
I love this series its so funny, and what makes it even better is that its sooooo like school educational programs! Any chance of it coming out on DVD, as well as Little Mouse released as a Single, and a big poster of the periodic table??? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE???? I love this show make more as well as having all toughs things, please.  

J Juffermans wrote
Allthough the progamms are much too short, they bring me to tears... Since I've probably missed half of the series, I would love to be able to view them online. Any plans in that direction?  

P Gravett wrote
I concur with many others recent standpoint regarding Mr Morgan's fine computer aided composition 'Little Mouse'. Although I find much of today's 'popular' music to be little more than drivel ( much like your own opinion of birdsong ), Little Mouse has a certain je ne sais quoi which is decidedly appealing. It is entirely feasible I would pay ready money not only to have this in my collection, but in the hope that others might hear it and turn away from their own ridiculous brand of 'music' and discover the benefits of experience and science combined.  

C Peate wrote
Perhaps you can help me and my friends with a problem we are having at school.  Our science teacher told us that liver is attracted to milk and that if we left a plate of liver on a table and a carton of semi-skimmed cows milk at the other side of the table, the liver would be drawn to the milk.  What makes the liver move to the milk?  Also, is there a formula that we could learn to help us understand? Class 11b. 

J Chapman wrote
It is my profound and sincere belief that the viewers of your esteemed televisual production would benefit from the addition of the Geological Sciences to the curriculum. The practical nature of this discipline would readily lend itself to the visually orientated teaching approach. In addition, publicity is needed for the recent work into the volcanic origins of Abba, and sedimentary formations arising from the influence of traffic wardens on the erosion of beards. I hope that you will give this proposal due consideration.

G Dilworth wrote
The look around you series is a scream. The writers must be children of the early 70's. All those cheesy science programmes we had to sit through. Brilliant stuff. Funny website too! I would absolutely love to make Little Mouse the christmas number one on my local radio station, and nationally. Where can I buy the full version? (It's not an old Syd Barret song is it?)

Site Facilitator says: Some radio stations have already bowed to pressure and played Little Mouse.

S Pick wrote
Where's the full version of Little Mouse? Release as single. Now.

T Wright wrote
Yes..Little Mouse for xmas no.1!...I can just imagine Jimmy Saville announcing it on the show..perhaps beating Gary Glitter or The Slade to the top for a change...I shall be there swinging my bellbottoms to it I can assure you!

G Kidwell wrote
If a normal program on a BBC station were to register as 43 on the scale of goodness vs time; then: your televion program would register as being a full 98% above the first reading.  Keep up the good work. Repeat experiment.

M Lowe wrote

Prof. R Schofied (bse, hmv, aa, rac, virgin megastores) wrote
Through 6 months of painstaking research I can conclude that when germs are fed uranium oxide mixed with full cream milk they form the substance trioxyboromonkeyaseohol. This substance can be used as rocket fuel when compressed or as an additive to energy drinks, giving the drinker superhuman powers. These include the ability to become a small feathery chicken at will.

Prof. B. Ootsy wrote
Look Around You is triffic! LAY is superb! It's the only BBC program I watch regularly: I love it! Imagine my surprise, outrage, shock + horror to discover, on tuning in tonite to Beeb 2 @ 9.50, not LAY but Darius + Pudsey bear!!   Aaaaargh! I'd checked the Beeb 2 listings earlier, so why Children In Need and not LAY? The answer, is Scotland. Yes, Scotland. Now right that down in your copy books.

R Schofield wrote
Please please please release this enlightening series on to either video or dvd. i know that loads of people would buy it.  

P Hodges wrote
Is there an organic compounds program? (i.e. Alcohol!) Mmm... Oh by the way is there any reaction between beer and sulphur?

Bijan wrote
Little Mouse would go straight to number one, just to let ya know.

K Charlton wrote
Two weeks ago, I taped the "sulphur" episode of Look Around You. When my friend said he had missed it (how dare he), I took it to school to lend to him. By sheer coincidence, we had a cover for science, who was a french teacher and didn't have a clue about science at all. We were suposed to watch a video and do some questions about it. So I thought it would be funny if I switched the tapes. I was right. It was funny. But the best part was the fact that it looked so real that he didnt even notice! HA!  Please print this, or i will set my calculator to "stun" and come and kill you with the contents of my pencil case. From We r D.N.A. 

S Wright wrote
After asking for more information regarding Sulphagne both my chemistry teachers are curios about how I came across this information. They are now both interested in purchasing the series on video after I explained the comedy genius involved. As my chemistry teacher put it "they didn't tell me this at college" obviously Look Around You is an invaluable resource for some of the more interesting and unknown areas of science. Keep up the good work.

Keelgin wrote
I really like this series. Judging from the quantitative amount of DVD requests on the site, my request for a DVD/video/any recordable and playback medium seems like a drop of water in a gathering ocean. BUT... hope the royalties for the scientists get sorted out soon. Meanwhile, keep up the good work and do announce loudly when they are up for public acqusition.

Dr M Laing (BPc, SSc) wrote
I think a DVD release is essential, please arrange asap. Regards.

G Imrahil wrote
I was just conversing with my friends of the wonderful work you do at Look Around You. On a more serious note, have the boffins at LAY found a cure for Tipio syndrome? It affects the air above your head in such a way it make it impossible for you to brush your teeth and touch your little toe and only occurs in Men 6 foot 7, aged 34 to 56. Thanks.

J Collins-Webb wrote
Could you tell me whether drinking sulphagne has any nasty side-effects?

B Collins wrote
This series is absolutely amazingly hilariously funny. Me and my mum loved the truck reversing in last week's epicode. Please please say there will be a video out in time for christmas. If not at least tell me if there ever will be a video. PLEASE - THIS IS FUNNY STUFF!!!

R Barclay wrote
I am a 16 yr old student studying all 3 major sciences at AS level, and I think that "Look Around You" is amazing, please continue it past 8 episodes, if you do not i will be forced to use my large supply of Sulfane! Either that or I would like to see it released on video, with extra episodes included, thankyou.

S Dickenson wrote
Where can I buy a large copy of your periodic table to display in my classroom?

R Wilmot wrote
I really want to purchse this on DVD. Im not the only one either. Is it available?

R Norris wrote
I personally think that this program is the best thing in the development of our childrens brains since Sliced Bread (Sb). Please release the program on a video cassette or Digital Versatile Disc to enhance our viewing pleasure. Making the program longer would also help greatly.

H Jass wrote
I have greatly enjoyed the highly informative series "Look around you". However, I feel that it does prompt one or two queeries. First, where can I acquire some ready-prepared Sulphane for use in the laboratory? Second, when was the Niligon discovered? Third, is it likely that there may be a "LAY" episode on Spectroscopic Parallax? I feel that this would help my Sixth-form class immensely, and I have already used the other episodes for classroom tuition.

D Jones wrote
Please release a DVD of Look Around You, please. And put the untransmitted pilot on as an extra (that's unless you managed to snuck it into this full run cunningly without telling anyone). And Gelg's music as well.

J Moffitt wrote
Finally S.C.I.E.N.C.E addresses the age old question unanswered by philosiphers, psychologists and stuntmen... just what are birds? Brilliant. GOTO 10... then go to DVD!  

M MacAndrews wrote
By god, I am malmsteened by LOOK AROUND YOU. It is wonderfully textured. More, more, more! More like this. I can forget about Bush, Saddam, cold pies and all those other awful things. Just saw the sulphur expts. started taping about halfway thru. You must release this to us on dvd or vid. This makes a license an acceptable pukeyness. LOOK AROUND YOU is the ONLY thing I have seen since Human Remains that produces both the gleeful eye and pulsing arousal of the man-grace. Beeb showing promise once more. This is the work of a walking god.

R Hemlock wrote
I am a very busy man and do not have time or servants enough to mix sulphur and champagne together. Can you buy it ready mixed at my local Spar shop? PS I dictated this via postcard from my Caribbean island.

J Staplehurst wrote
You have produced a new way of learning and it is called FUN! How you manged to do this without any one else in history doing it first is amazing. I would like to congratulate you on this great achievement. Secondly I would like to ask you whether you are going to bring out the video so that I may give it to my science teacher (who has worn the same tie since he started at our school). This is so that both my classmates and my science teacher can understand such topics as Sulphur, Ghosts, Germs, Water and Maths (Which I have got a whole new understanding of). Thank you for taking the time to make this wonderful and still educational show.

E Irvine wrote
Enlightening. I was particularly riveted by the "watch the magnet approach the sulphur" experiment. I was wondering, however - do you have a vegetarian version of the periodic table?  

J Caryl wrote
What do you think holds pride of place on the wall in our Biochemistry lab? Your "Transitional Elements" table. As a lab full of Biochemists, the "Look Around You" team has our full support to pursue the instruction of secondary science to such an exemplary standard.

D Sayliss wrote
I think your show is mental. I nearly wet myself laughing. Please Please Please release the series on video.  

A Farmer wrote
Oh my gosh, this is just about the funniest thing ive seen on tv for ages. When I switched on the "Sulphur" episode, I actually thought it was an Open University broadcast and checked my watch to see if I had passed out and gone back in time. I haven't laughed out loud at the television for a while. Keep it up "Look Around You" team! Classic, absolute classic.  

M Dodyk wrote
The show is great and full of top facts now that I know germs are from Germany and that I know the property of water, I'll be able to outsmart my Science teacher. Thanks!  

L Cotterill wrote
I think your "Look Around You" is great and long may it continue. There should be more comedy like this. Every week I keep on thinking "this programme should be longer" but I think that ten minutes is enough as my sides would split completely! WELL DONE!  

J Rowett wrote
Best TV in ages, doubleplus cool! Such attention to detail! Apart from the DVD, is there any chance of a CD of the superb music? Or at least some info about the artist? I'm sure Warp records would put this out, if they haven't already...

B Monnery wrote
Absolutely excellent stuff, I shall be showing the albumin reaction to the class on Monday. It's about time we had some quality science programmes of this nature to illustrate just how exciting science really is.

Dappy wrote
Congratulations to the team of Look Around You on an informative and thoughtful series of programmes. Thanks to your intelligent series I live a much better and scientifically aware life and have stopped kissing tramps. And what a brilliant net-site. Probably one of my favourite in the whole of the Data-Informative Super Highway (DISH).

J Symonds wrote
This is fantastic, and has even eclipsed the League of Gentlemen which follows it. Please, please bring out a DVD!!!

A Goodey wrote
Every episode I've been lucky enough to watch has brought me to violent incontinent laughter (Viola). The use of film (which looks great) and astonishing attention to detail has left me wanting more!

R Terry wrote
Geeeeeeenius!!!! Cerebrally liberating, culturally enlightening, and humorously invigorating.

It's been a long time since I laughed so much that food exited my nasal cavities but your programme managed to bring forth levels of culinary expulsion not seen since the 'chip' episode back in '73. Attention to detail is spot on, from the aesthetically challenged scientists right down to the wince induced upon thermometer insertion, and the depth of study shows great ability to convey the most difficult of topics. Good work, keep it up.

Please though, an episode explaining 'Girls' would be most useful.

T Paterson wrote
Unbelievably good, but when is the DVD being released? By my calculation this question has been asked on 3 separate occasions (or 27 watts)  - yet no response?

Site Facilitator says: 27 watts is the required voltage to prompt an answer. Which is... we don't know.

M Chopping wrote
Wonderful and informative, and I have only seen the Ghosts programme. I antcipate the commercially available realease with bated breath. Having searched around this site I have chose my new career path and will be signing up for teacher training in science and similar stuff first thing. Thanks L.A.Y.

A Davies wrote
Brilliant is all i can say. I'm looking forward to next week's episode!

J Wright wrote
When will this super programme be available to buy on DVD and video? I can't wait to recreate the experiments in my kitchen.

H Wilson wrote
My friend, an ex micro-biologist, and I, an engineer in the space industry, laughed until we cried at your Water programme. It was the funniest thing I have seen in years. I was concerned that the next one could not be as amusing but then I watched the Germs episode, wrong, it was just as funny, please keep it up. Can we have a programme about space in the next series, pretty please!

S Brooks wrote
Great programme. Good Mini-site. Can we have the periodic table available as desktop Wallpaper, please?

Site Facilitator says: Unfortunately the periodic table is barely readable even at 1024 x 768 size. However if we acquire some high precision laser equipment we may be able to chop it up into 3 pieces to make the equivalent number of wallpapers.

R Coulson wrote
Ponteland High School is wishing to purchase the text books that accompany the television series. Please could you inform us of the whereabouts of the said elusive text books?

QHS Jon wrote
As an A-level student taking maths, chemistry, physics and biology, I have found your series rather interesting. I have now decided not to go to school any more as I know that with the information you give I am sure to gain 4 grade A's and get into med school. Thank you BBC, the licence is worth paying. Look Around You, absolutely brilliant.

A Doe wrote
This is the best programme the BBC has brought us for a little while. I love the reconstruction of the ITV schools clock, but why not use the BBC one in the next series? I'm sure they would lend you an old mechanical model of the "dots" or "diamond" to use at the beginning. Any chance of a DVD? I didn't manage to remember to tape the first 2 episodes and it would be great to have all the extras that are on the website in full TV glory.

P J Turner wrote
I must say that your excellent programme has revitalised my own interest in the scientific arts. And speaking as a former research scientist for the government's "Germ Warfare & Unpleasant Smells Department", I can say that the edition devoted to 'Germs' was 'spot-on' and extremely accurate.

Well done BBC! If only there were more programmes like this then the future of UK science would be assured. More please!!

A Smith wrote
What a tremendous show! I myself am I teacher, but only caught the last few weeks of the series. It is spot-on spoof of the programmes I used to watch in school, and of the videos we still have to show pupils!! Are there any plans to repeat this show in full, I would love to watch and record them all. Or are there any plans to release it on video/dvd. I hope there is!

L Lane wrote
Look Around You is great - we still use the videos it's parodying at school. How can I get my hands on a textbook. Should I look in bookshops or send away for one somewhere? Thanks.

D Vallence wrote
The scary thing is this was my education while at school. I remember those programs and music. I also had to put the information in my copy book. Must of been around 1978 when I was primary schooling. This program reminds me of the things we had to learn while growing up for the big world. Love it.  

S Grist wrote
Please tell me you will be showing the whole series in a '24' style back-to-back science extravaganza. I think that Boxing Day would be best, about 3 o'clock just to confuse the elderly and the drunk. Go on then, tell me!

A Powell wrote
I am writing to complain about the Look Around You series. This program is a so-called science program! I used your periodic table for my exams, learning it religiously. I failed Chemistry. I used you ants theory for my biology - I failed that too.

It is clear to me that you know nothing about science and you should stop this series immediately. I have repeatedly tried to grow a moth-apple tree and failed. The only time I did manage the apples were not explosive as stated in your program. You tell me I should use a workbook, well I've tried getting it - even from the BBC library and they say that they have never heard of it. Personally I think you have made the whole thing up. Stop it, and stop it now!

D Griffiths wrote
I’m struggling to get hold of a copy of the text book Look Around You by E. W. Whitmarsh. This is beginning to severely impact my progress with the course and I think other students will be much more advanced than me now. Can you suggest how I get hold of a copy. I’ve tried contacting Mivvin Press but they told me it was out-of-print.

C Jellis wrote
Look Around You is amazing! As an ex-science teacher I really like the periodic table. When will I be able to buy a copy to put on the wall of my office? I need to have instant access to the atomic weight of fools gold and rhubarb!

D Ainsworth wrote
I find your programme educational, entertaining and arousing. I understand that a revolutionary "directly visually displayed" (DVD) format exists: presumably your scientifically-enquiring genes are already looking into mating science with other sciences, to produce a science DVD? It might be ironic if 'look around you' was available on a format that was 'a round' shape, that you can look at.
PS: Thank you for discovering Whisky for me, I am now permanently refreshed.

S Lynam wrote
So germs are from Germany! And they are disgusting! Such an eye opener. I will be sure to look around me more often in future!

T Guy wrote:
I only stumbled across Look Around You for the first time last night owning to the fact that my Hitch Hikers Guide the the Galaxy video finally gave up the ghost and rapped itself around my Ferguson Top Loader (Radio Rentals will be annoyed) and I was at a loss for something to watch (Blake 7's not on till Sunday)
Anyhow, owning to that fact that my BBC B cant handle real audio downloads, I was wondering if you could convert the videos into Mode 7 graphics and post them (I think that's what the young kids say now) to Teletext so that I can download them with my Micro Live Teletext downloader. It is attached to the bottom of the screen and waiting (please look for the small white dot in the bottom right hand corner of your screen now)
Please, Please, PLEASE, bring this program out on Beta max, VHS or Laser Disc asap!

D Atkinson wrote:
this is great! at first i thought it was a real cheesy 70's program like i used to watch! may the word be spread! :)

D Atkinson wrote:
this is great! at first i thought it was a real cheesy 70's program like i used to watch! may the word be spread! :)

Ross wrote:
I'm after some: Blants, Moth-apples, Look Around You DVD. When will these be available? This is truely one of the funniest things I've seen in years.

Simon wrote:
What I want to know is who is the ex-Liverpool Bluecoat pupil?

Site Facilitator says: It's James Serafinowicz - Peter's brother.

Craig 14 wrote:
I've never been so excited by science! I didn't know learning could be this much fun.

M Morley wrote:
In my upper sixth physics class, we have recently been entertained by a video demonstrating the principle of Simple Harmonic Motion with a most unexpected example: BREASTS! Bouncing breasts, naked breasts, breast in bras. If only there were more videos like this. Will there be a Look Around You episode about Breasts?

Site Facilitator says: No.

R Cutler wrote:
Thank you for such an insightful programme. I never realised how much of a role Science played in my everyday life. One thing I wondered though, at school they used to provide us with guns with which we could shoot the timer bits on the clock at the start of such educational programmes. I seem to be unable to locate such a gun nowadays; do you know of anywhere I could obtain one and thus maximise my enjoyment and learningness? Thanks again!

John wrote:
Look Around You is fantastic. I've learnt more about Maths and Water than I ever did at school and have been noting things down in my very own copybook each week. I'm looking forward to Germs as I want to know how and why I get ill every winter. The music is superb. Are there any plans to release a soundtrack?

S Robertson wrote:
Brilliant show, brings back mant happy memories of being baffled at school.Is there any chance of releasing a sountrack of the music used on the series.

Site Facilitator says: Many of you have asked about the possibility of a Digital Versatile Disc being mass-produced and sold in shops for profit. The scientists involved in Look Around You are keen for this to happen so long as they can negotiate generous royalties. Scientists have to eat too, you know. As for the music, look out for more soon on the site.

Dr Naomi Pollock and Professor Rosie wrote:

The Infinite Potato Variable Theory:

In order to bring science to the public, we scientists must relate our problems to the so called "real world". I now present to you the infinite potato variable theory, which may one day provide answers to one of the more important questions of life: "Whither Potatoes?"

It is important to note that potatoes, unlike other vegetables come in an infinite variety of shapes and sizes, in a manner similar to snowflakes. This phenomenon can be attributed to the infinite potato variable. We can be sure that this mathematical solution is the cause of the phenomenon, because, as every body knows, potatoes do not sexually reproduce, therefore they have no DNA.

We intend to write again, updating you on the progress of the theory as the mathematics are still in the developmental stages. We hope to unify the infinite potato variable with special relativity in the near future. If, of course, there is a near future.

yours sincerely,

Dr Naomi Pollock (M.Comedy, Ph.C from the University of Life)
Professor Rosie Walton (Ph.E, QED, HTML, BmW, SWALK, PMT from the University of Ocksphord)

D Edwards wrote:
Look Around You is a midget gem of a programme. More power to your speculums. Speed that DVD release.

P L Penticost wrote:
Where can I buy one of those calculators with a stun setting, so I can zap my friends?

The Doctor wrote:
Nigel Lambert sounds like Jack Smith, who used to narrate all those Granada schools progs, but for added authenticity, should bring Max Mason out of retirement for the next series, seeing as he did just about all the Schools progs, for all the ITV companies and for the Beeb too! Maybe even Fergus (Science All Around) O'Kelly too!

Satan's Rubber Duck wrote:
Oooh, very good program! Followed by the wonderful League of Gentlemen, could it get better? Yes, in fact. A shop where you could buy one of those calculators that can be set to Stun would make it better. That would be very handy, very handy indeed...

DARK R wrote:
Ha, having to sit through my GCSEs, this became hilariously funny within the first 5 seconds; i didn't know whether it was a real school program or just taking the mick! This is very funny... keep this programme going!!

Not Luigi wrote:
Very, very funny programme. It managed to surpass the League of Gentlemen for me, at least in laughy-hoho-ness. Is it true that there's a previous series? And if so, is it available on video? Please?

Site Facilitator says: Dear Not Luigi, there is no previous series of Look Around You; this series is the first. We hope there will be more. There is an illusive pilot programme, a sort of 'experiment one' if you will. This programme dealt with Calcium. The master copy is kept on a shelf in the Look Around You lab and is clearly labelled.

Chris P wrote:
Classic stuff! Excellent parody of 'The Experiment', mainly (solely) watched by the millions of kids at home swinging the lead for the day, 'cos they haven't done their essay on 'Animal Farm' (or worse still, their maths homework on base 6 - whatever that is) due in that morning, and there's nothing else on the telly - except pages from Ceefax and test cards, the telly-for-mums-to-do-the-ironing-by stuff (like Taff Acre, The Sullivans, Pebble Mill, Country Practice, Paint Along With Nancy Kominsky, etc.) didn't come on until after midday when it was time to get out of bed after making a miraculous recovery from the sudden attack of Isle of Wight 'flu, which manifested itself at about 7am that morning. I'm not alone there, am I?

  More, please. (I was expecting Victor Lewis-Smith to be totally honest, but I'm not disappointed at all). Marks out of 10? A gold star sticker and 20 housepoints. And do your tie up properly. Hands out of your pockets. Is that an earring?

F Programmes wrote:
an excellent programme all slight criticism? I would have liked to have seen the results of the "effects of boiling water on protein" experiment plotted on a graph. But maybe that's in the textbook.

Malcolm wrote:
The lack of information pertaining to spoons is most ungratifying. Science would be nowhere without spoons. As in Einstien's not very famous 'Theory of Relative Spoons' he formulates his thoughts on the curvature of the biggish ends of spoons and their inherant abilty to scoop gloopy squishy stuff. Of course this goes against Sir Isaac Newton's early work on Spoons and why gravity pulls harder on tablespoons, and why does my forename have two 'a's in it ? 
Malcolm BSc. (Hons.)
....Bronze Swimming certificate (Honestly)

Al Teacher wrote:
I am a fourth form school teacher of maths teaching and have to say your program increased my teaching abilities to a power of 34(x+32 - 7 * 53%). Now a Question for you! If there will be 8 of these 10 minute episodes @ bbc2 at 9.50 then when will the DVD be released for educationable purposes? Can I have the answer at the end of the program and at the end of another program being broadcast to the symetrical opposite side of the world in case I am at travel.

Kieran wrote:
This takes me back to when schools programming was good. Experiments went wrong, and science was made up. I have a complaint though, Fred Harris should have narrated maths! I remember his maths problem solving and the weird voices he'd use in his maths-related stories. Most of all I remember his black afro!
Thanks ants! Thants!

big haired amn of mathsSite Facilitator says: Dear Keiran, narrators can get very jealous if you start employing rivals. However, in an attempt to appease you here is a picture of your Maths Hero, Fred Harris, which you can print out and keep.

Matthew wrote:
Does anyone know where I can obtain a new copy of the look around you text book? I have spilt coffee on the one I have on loan from the college library and Waterstones tell me it is out of print. Can anyone help?

Dr A Sahal wrote:
At last a BBC TV programme that is addressing the lack of understanding of science amongst young people!

Without the usual ubiquitous dumbing down of difficult concepts and clear descriptions of scientific phenomenon delivered in an unpatronising way, I feel that this series could save the future generations from a life filled with Fame Academy/Big Brother/Pop Idols where their only intentions are to get rich without talent, hardwork or a working understanding of water.

By following this series, I believe that science (particularly my field of Brain Science-second only to Rocket Science) will at last receive a well earned shot in the arm of new talent, willing to help humanity discover that which is hidden, improving the way we cook and eat our food and even land a man on the moon before the primates do it (damn their little chattery monkey mouths full of orbital mechanics-speak and an understanding of mascons!)!

It will attract young people into a scientific career of discovery and reward them with very low salaries, little respect and a tenuous existence on research grants and charity.

Well done BBC!

PS any chance of covering some brain stuff-I don't really understand much of it and my students are catching on to the fact I hide behind long words such as cerebrospeculation, lateral geniculate composter and ngtsrwer. Thanks-I'll buy a TV licence if you do-honest!

Site Facilitator says: Dear Dr A, have your copy book ready because there is a Brain edition of Look Around You later in the series.

Frankland wrote:
I caught the programme last night for the first time, it's  excellent. The one thing that really tickled my senses was the music. i love electronic music and it was so nice to hear old electronic style sounds. I've downloaded the music from the site.......ooooh but i want more, more i tell you!! Brilliant stuff, i will always be watching.

Jon wrote:
Brilliant show, you guys obviously sat through the same videos I did. I had to check my watch to make sure it wasn't a real nightime schools' programme for the first minute or two! And where can I get some igloo-building ants...? Keep it up.

J Nason wrote:
What a great program and at 10 minutes long is scarily similar to the originals which it is based on (I never understood them either) I only left school in 1997 but I can remember sitting on the floor in infants and juniors school watching old schools programs which this show is based on. I particularly like the music, it's so well done. Is it possible to get hold of some of the music, something longer with a wider range than is on the site? Schools programs were never this good at school...

S Oakley:
Hurry up & get it on Telly in New Zealand. We need the education !!!!!

S Nash, Exciting Rockets Assistant wrote:
I watched your programme. I'm still giggling. This rubber room is comfy.

G wrote:
How long has this random program been going on!!?? I watched it this evening and was horrified to see the guy burning his hand!! Pure genuis program... can't wait to sit down to it in lessons. Very funny. Look forward to tuning in next week.

B Danton wrote:
Many thanks for Look Around You on BBC2. As a parody of those late 70s early 80s school progs it is spot on-my favourite bit is the countdown clock before the programme-how well I remember that in its heyday! Anyway, I shall be watching the rest of the series if I can.

I Phillips wrote:
I would like to tell you of my immense pleasure that i am currently receiving from your new series of educational programmes. Look Around You is a veritable oasis in the desert of knowledge on television these days, and who said the BBC was dumbing down. It's about time we were treated to insightful accessible programmes such as this one is and will be. I am taking the liberty of recording the transmissions and i am using them to aid the learning experiences of my key stage 17 students. I thank you. Eeeyun

p.s. super to see the website promoting cross-platform educational media experiences

Model B wrote:
The site would be even more useful if you had a listing of the BASIC program used to generate the title sequence, in plain old ASCII or HTML. Unfortunately, my Acorn Electron cannot deal with RealVideo files, but it lets me telnet to my shell account just fine...
Apart from that minor platform incompatibility, excellent site and an excellent series!

Jamie wrote:
What an excellent programme! Please tell me it will be released on DVD, I can't wait for the next one. This is truly amazing and has offered a whole new world of education. Thank you!

P Sherer wrote:
I wet my knickers at Maths especially as we have a friend called Millsy. He is taller than Jean! Very very funny - more please. DVD asap. Was the guard at QE5's party Simon Pegg? Are the Serafinowicz's somehow related? I think we should be told... ThankyouThankyouThankyou

PS Sorry if I spelt the name wrong

S W wrote:
Very Very funny, as 10 minute comedies go it's right up there with We Are History. Well done the BBC.

R Simmons wrote:
Fascinating stuff - you know, all schools could replace their old-fashioned science courses with the fully comprehensive 'Look Around You' programme. Excellent.

The Assassin wrote:
this program rules! Its so funny! Keep up the good work guys!

Nost wrote:
this is the greatest thing i have ever seen on tv. well done. A+

Cyberczarina wrote:
I *so* want to win the computerised toast system... and I want to know what happened to those two ubercute tortoiseshell cats in the interlude! :-)

T Roberts wrote:
Having visited your splendid site, I feel I have learnt much more about science than I otherwise might have, had I not done. Well done.

A Pinder wrote:
What a hilarious program! I'm currently a sixth form student, and yes, we STILL use those videos today.

K Holden wrote:
Hurrah!!! Thank you! As a serious student of SCIENCE I thank you...  Wonderfull... can I have more??? Please... And I want the toaster... Must show the world the wonder... and can I have the text book??? Please...

C Fenwick wrote:
What's depressing is that the satire can be understood by modern 16-year-olds, as we still have to put up with ancient Betamax cassettes of stuff like this! Sheer genius, and arguably usurped 'The League of Gentlemen' that it preceeded...

A Kokoszko wrote:
Fantastic! Brilliant! Best thing that's been on for ages. When can I buy the DVD??? And a copy of the Periodic Table?

P Strudwick wrote:
More... More... What an absolutely superb program. When's the DVD being released?

S Lynam wrote:
Easily one of the most innovative and funny things I've ever seen on TV. And now I know what MATHS and SCIENCE stand for.

S Baron wrote:
I would like to thank you for bringing such a wonderful Televisual programme as 'Look Around You' to our screens. I starred in the show as the language pupil aided by Sulphur, and I am proud to have contributed to the series. Please commision a second series!!!

Tony Gowland wrote:
Is there any chance of more clips, or even whole episodes, being placed on the site? It's a great programme that lots of people might miss. Cheers.

Site Facilitator says: Yes. More clips will be added shortly.

S C Knight wrote:
Have to say that this show was [unscientific word]ing brilliant. Such an accurate parody of the schools shows we used to watch, from the theme music and titles to that voice (was that guy a proper narrator for schools progs?) to the demonstrations in that bland Open University circa 1973 way. It taught me a lot, as well - I realised today that I couldn't see Imhotep anywhere... the quiz was correct! Well done to all the team of Look Around You.



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