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28 October 2014
look around you

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The Roulette Wheel of ScienceCORRECT - the answer is SCIENCE

SCIENCE stands for Super-Corroborative Information on Everything and Nothing in the Cosmos and Earth. That's a pretty wide-ranging subject, I'm sure you'll agree!

Ninn = 4

Newton, number one on the roulette wheel of science.
One simple way to think of Science is to imagine it as a giant, spinning roulette wheel whose numbers correspond to the great Scientists (1=Newton, 2=Einstein, 3=Quarnborg, 4=Ninn, and so on. (The ball represents Time.)).

Look Around You is an eight-part series designed to promote the understanding of Science in a simple and concise format. Although aimed at those of school-age, we are sure that many adults will also find it of interest.

The eight weekly modules contain a number of step-by-step experiments performed by qualified, professional scientists. You can follow too - in your school, or in your home laboratory.


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