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28 October 2014
look around you

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the 'DVD' is comingLOOK AROUND YOU DVD - OUT ON 13th OCTOBER 2003

A message from Robert and Peter..

Hello science fans!

At last the waiting is over. The Look Around You DVD is coming out on October 13th.

As well as featuring all 8 episodes, we've included our original 20 minute short film, 'Look Around You: Calcium', which was the inspiration for the series. There's a new full-length video to 'Little Mouse', plus commentaries to all the episodes. There is also a feature whereby you can switch off the narrator, so that you can watch the shows with just the music and sound effects.

For teletext fans, there's a huge selection of specially written pages from Ceefax, ranging from the top news stories to TV listings, pop charts to farming news. There's also interactive quizzes, lots of new music from Gelg plus some hidden surprises.

Because many of you have been asking how to get hold of the Look Around You text book, we've designed a reversible front cover featuring the text book design on the back of the sleeve.

We hope you all enjoy the DVD. Thanks so much for all your support, and for everyone who's logged onto the site. We really appreciate it.

Thanks, Robert and Peter.

next... HOW DOES A 'DVD' WORK?

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