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28 October 2014
look around you

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Video Clip
Some More News: Look Around You - Series One is being repeated on BBC TWO from Wednesday 1 November 2006. Find out when it's on.

Some News: Look Around You to return - read our small Q&A with Robert and Peter for the inside story.

Some News: the Look Around You DVD was released 13th October 2003.

How does a 'DVD' work? This section explains - plus clips.

Read A Message Of Thants from the creators of the series. Also - see exciting pictures of Jack Morgan (BSc) and Canterbury taken during the filming of the Little Mouse promo.

DOWNLOAD the song 'Little Mouse' and listen to it, repeatedly.

Video Clip
  LOOK AROUND YOU. Look around you. Just look around you.

Just Look Around You
What do you see? A tree. A weather-vane. A discarded lollipop-wrapper. A traffic shop. All of these things, and any other things you may care to mention, have one thing in common. Can you work out what it is?

CLICK NOW to find out if you were correct.


Sample the brand NEW audio and video clips from Look Around You.

Try your brain out with the Water Quiz and the Maths Quiz.
Periodic Table
All the elements and atomic weights.
Text Book
A thorough examination of an invaluable tool.

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