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28 October 2014
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Look Around You   Programme Guide:   Sport
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Look Around You: Sport

Ros Lamb, 400,000 metre gold medalist

This is athlete Ros Lamb, 400,000 metre gold medalist. Her achievements on the track make all Britons proud.

But there's more to her success story than just running and running and running. A lot more. Really, a heck of a lot more.

Ros uses the latest 'scienthletic' know-how as part of her training regime and this has led to her achieving speeds previously thought impossible.

With the aid of a state of the art 'racing-fuel' called Di-Tutetamine Brohohibe, Ros is able to reach speeds of up to 3,500 mph, about the speed of 40,000 protons flying back to back. This is just one of hundreds of examples of how sport has been made more interesting through the application of Science.

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Pealy and Scott

Gonnis is a new sport taking Pennsylvania by storm. It's inventor, Scott Nolan, created the game by combining his favourite sports, Golf and Tennis. Scott's latest sport, Dencing, combines Darts and Fencing. Find Out How to Play Dencing...

Pealy and Scott

Balls: A true great in the world of sport was football designer Sebastian Jackson. Pictured left is one of his outstanding balls, the 'foot-cube'. Sebastian, now dead, is survived by several clones of himself who all now work in ball design - Provastian, Ninastian, Compastian, Herrhastian, Fantastian, Tlilsrastian and Torvatium.

Chamioness and Paul Alan

Invention of the Week: Championess, a horse, and her owner Paul Alan go through to the Invention of the Year final, at the end of the series. Will HRH Sir Prince Charles decide Championess's gambling aid, made mostly from dung, deserves to win the prestigous inventors' trophy?

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