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28 October 2014
look around you

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Look Around You   Programme Guide:   Music
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Look Around You: Music

Synthesizer Patel at one of his many synthesizers

This is musician Synthesizer Patel, sat at one of the many synthesizers he owns. This instrument is a 'Liquinth' and has water covered keys for a smoother sound.

Synthesizer spends hours at these machines, carefully programming crochets, demi-clefs and arpeggionnes to achieve that special blend of sounds.

Synthesizers can reproduce the sound of almost any known instrument, the most notable exception being the bassoon.

Synthesizers represent the future of music, as musicians like Synthesizer Patel and bands such as Gelg are proving. But, despite this, Synthesizer and others must stay constantly vigilant as synthesizer theft is rife.

Read on for a chance to actually play a synthesizer and to hear a special message from Synthesizer Patel.

More from Music

The Mini-Trelm 'Green-key' 800

Try Our Synthesizer: Synthesizers are expensive and out of the price-range of most people. But don't despair. We've created a special internet version of the popular Mini-Trelm 'Green-key' 800 so that everyone can experience the wonder of electronic music.

(This is a simplified version of the Green-key and has no Chromatic 'Squave-form®' Modulation.)

Toni Baxter is a theoretical physicist at the McBritish Institute

Music 2000, a contest to find the music we'll all be enjoying in the year 2000, was won by Toni Baxter with her song Sexual Interface. Tony Rudd (Machadaynu) and Antony Carmichael (The Rapping Song) were runners up. The ghost of Tchaikovsky judged the contest.

Inventor Leonard Hatret

Invention of the Week: Noise damage problems? Inventor Leonard Hatred has a solution: Psilence! A spray which forms a barrier of fast-drying liquid skin over the ears. Leonard grew up by two international airports. He now lives by a country abattoir. His wife and sister-in-law both suffer from a screaming condition.

Video Clip from Music

Video Segment: Connect to our video database via your MODEM. Watch again a segment from this edition of Look Around You. In most cases this will be considerably cheaper after 6pm. (This video clip: 2.5 days average via a 3.5k Modem)


Look Around You Programme Gallery: enjoy an educational picture gallery based on this programme.

Try the Music Quiz: ten rather hard questions.

Invention of the Year: Leonard Hatred goes forward to the final of Invention of the Year. As one of six finalists he stands a good chance of being presented with the trophy by none other than HRH Sir Prince Charles.

Life in the Year 2000: enter our competition and predict how life will be different in the future.



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