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28 October 2014
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Look Around You   Programme Guide:   Live Final
Look Around You People

Look Around You: Live Final

His Royal Inventiveness

Over the past six weeks, you may have noticed the Countdown Clock at the top of all our internet web pages. The clock has now completed its countdown of days, hours, minutes and seconds to the arrival of HRH Sir Prince Charles of Wales.

The Prince appeared on the Look Around You Live Final and presented the award for 'Invention of the Year' to one of the six finalists. All of these inventors are listed below, along with the winner(s). Scroll down the page to find out who that was.

The TrophyPictured left is the magnificent Invention of the Year trophy which the Prince presented to the winner(s). It was designed by our own Pam Bachelor.

It weighs almost 14 kilograms, that's roughly the same as 14 individual kilogram bags of lead (Pb17).

If you were as excited as we were about the Prince's visit, you may wish to enjoy playing our special Royal Quiz.

The 'Invention of the Year' Finalists

There is a secret area on the Look Around You site

DISQUALIFIED Week One: Music: Leonard Hatred is the first of six Invention of the Year finalists. His invention 'Psilence' is a handy spray on solution of liquid skin. Applied to the ears, Psilence blocks all unwanted noisewaves, which is great if, like Leonard, your wife has a terrible screaming condition.

There is a secret area on the Look Around You site

Week Two: Health: Dr Phillip Lavender has suffered with Geodermic Grantitis, or Cobbles, for more than two years. His invention is the first step toward a cure for this terrible affliction. It is a cream which reverses the symptoms of Cobbles, sadly it only lasts for about fifteen minutes.

read the alt tags, sometimes they are funny

Week Three: Sport: Championess is the only horse in the running so far. She's invented a foolproof gambling system, so you can, quite literally, get the word straight from the horse's mouth. It's the only invention so far in the series built mostly from dung.

Teddy Clarke says look out for an ant

Week Four: Food: Teddy Clarke, using an amplification system with a Beaumont Grill at it's heart, is able to tap into the resonating sound properties of ordinary vegetables. His vegetable orchestra is now touring nationally.

Simon Teigh

Week Five: Computers: Simon Teigh has created a very powerful aid to memory which allows people to capture vast amounts of information literally in the blink of an eye. If Mr Teigh is reading this, please can you contact Look Around You immediately.

Sam and Pat

WINNER Week Six: Live Final: Sam Macnamara and Pat Taylor invented a sex-change machine. It was built using many of the same components used in modern laundry-related machines. Their creation went on to be named Invention of the Year. See what it did to Jack Morgan.

Video Clip from Music

Video Segment: Connect to our video database via your MODEM. Watch again a segment from this edition of Look Around You. In most cases this will be considerably cheaper after 6pm. (This video clip: 2.5 days average via a 3.5k Modem)


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