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28 October 2014
look around you

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Look Around You   Programme Guide:   Health
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Look Around You: Health


This is Medibot, the future of health care.

Manufactured in China, he's the only robot in the world qualified to perform surgery. Medibot can carry out any number of medical procedures, from complex plastic surgery to simple urine samples. Tony Curtis owns three.

Medibot came to the Look Around You studio accompanied by Dr Franklin Fu. Dr Fu has a close relationship with the robot. He discovered Medibot likes to eat Hundreds and Thousands (who doesn't!) and can play the mouth organ.

During the programme Medibot performed plastic surgery on Jack Morgan. You can see the results in our educational picture gallery. Poor Jack had to go through the process again, in reverse, in order to be back to normal for next week's programme.

More from Health

Medibot Urine Quiz

Medibot's Urine Sample Test:
Here's a fun little game to test your knowledge of urine. Read the clues and then try and help Medibot work out which famous person produced which famous urine sample.

Inventor Dr Phillip Lavender

Invention of the Week: Geodermic Grantitis, or Cobbles, is a terrible affliction which causes the sufferer to turn into a pile of rocks. Inventor Dr Phillip Lavender, who has the disease himself, developed a cream made from cream, potassium, nitrates, potassium nitrates and nitrate of potassiate nitrates which provides some relief.

Video Clip from Music

Video Segment: Connect to our video database via your MODEM. Watch again a segment from this edition of Look Around You. In most cases this will be considerably cheaper after 6pm. (This video clip: 2.5 days average via a 3.5k Modem)


Look Around You Programme Gallery: enjoy an educational picture gallery based on this programme.

Try the Health Quiz: ten rather hard questions, and a bonus question.

Invention of the Year: Dr Phillip Lavender goes forward to the final of Invention of the Year. As the second of six finalists he may well be presented with the trophy by none other than HRH Sir Prince Charles.

Life in the Year 2000: enter our competition and predict how life will be different in the future.



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