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28 October 2014
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Look Around You   Programme Guide:   Food
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Look Around You: Food

Fast Food: Casserole

Food stands for Food Options for Omnivorous Diets.

As our lives have become busier, there has been less time for food. However, one solution has been to eat ‘Fast Food’. And it seems that Britain's favourite kind of fast food is Casserole.

Visit any high street and you’re bound to see a Brown Diamond, a Casserole Nights, a Mama’s Kasseroles, a McChunky’s (Original Dundee Casseroles) or The Casserole Veranda, Tandoori Casserole, Sir Stew, Picasseroles, Imhotep Casseroles or, most likely, the market leader: O’Gravy’s.

But now, thanks to British entrepreneur, Clive Pounds, fast food has got faster: Big C’s, the world's first fully automated casserole restaurant.

There will be no waiters, no queuing, no fuss. Simply fax your order to the kitchen and within seconds a computer will serve piping hot casserole to your table.

More from Food

Andy Gough - Slimmer of the Year

This is slimmer of the year Andy Gough. He lost 52st in just six weeks using the Slimby diet. The Slimby slimming method involves drinking a glass of powdered milkshake every mealtime and looking at the special Slimby picture, designed to shock the body into losing weight.

*WARNING: This picture in not suitable for persons of a nervous disposition, children or the elderly. Caution is advised.

Inventor Teddy Clarke

Invention of the Week: This title went to Teddy Clarke who invented a system which taps into the resonating properties of vegetables. Using a complex amplification system, he was able to create vegetable orchestra, which recently performed in front of the great grandson of Sherlock Holmes.

Video Clip from Music

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