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28 October 2014
look around you

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Video Clips

Relive the future with our computerised video clips.

Title Sequence Title Sequence

Five years ago, it would have taken a team of nearly 1000 specialist animators and audio engineers 18 months to create this sequence. Now, thanks to computers, we completed it using just 100 temporary staff during a single 90-hour session.

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Music Programme One: Music

How are the pop charts compiled? It's not as complicated as it could be, but it's certainly more complicated than it should be. Watch a Look Around You special report for an insight into the difficulties of using this soon-to-be-outmoded process.

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Health Programme Two: Health

Good health means good hygiene, and tests have shown there's no less hygienic place on Earth than the human mouth. That is why oral hygiene products are being developed all the time - products such as this electric toothbrush with a rather shocking new cleaning technique.

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Sport Programme Three: Sport

'Sports science' is one of the fastest growing areas of scientific research, with over 50 new sports identified last year alone. There have also been breakthroughs in the development of sporting equipment - in this clip, Provastian Jackson demonstrates his innovative biodegradable football.

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Food Programme Four: Food

What will the foods of the future taste like? Will we be taking our daily breads intravenously? And will we still need to ask permission before leaving the dinner table? Watch this clip to learn about three astonishing advances in food technology.

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Computers Programme Five: Computers

Thanks to the rapid pace of computer development, 'computer games' are becoming ever more realistic: some experts are predicting that by the year 2000, it will be possible to accurately simulate everyday activies such as a football match - or even childbirth - on your personal microcomputer. Pealy Maghti discovered more at Grithiffth's Games Megamart.

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Live Final Programme Six: Live Final

The eventful live final made for gripping viewing, as an unforseen disturbence in the studio threatened to overshadow the good work of the finalists. Watch the shocking moment when Leonard Hatred attacked Sir Prince Charles here - we have since handed the tape over to the police for use as evidence.

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Audio Samples

Music 2000

Download these potential hits of the future!

Machadaynu - Tony Rudd
Sexual Interface - Toni Baxter
The Rapping Song - Antony Carmichael


Relive 'Morgan Fever' and listen again to Jack Morgan (BSc)'s hit single Little Mouse.

Synthesizer fans might also enjoy the electronic music featured in the first series of Look Around You, available here.


Diarrhea Dan Diarrhea Dan

Play this popular toilet-based computer game. You control Diarrhea Dan and your aim is to collect as many pieces of toilet paper as you can before Dan has a nasty accident.

The Mini-Trelm 'Green-key' 800 Trelm

Try Our Synthesizer: Synthesizers are expensive and out of the price-range of most people. But don't despair. We've created a special internet version of the popular Mini-Trelm 'Green-key' 800 so that everyone can experience the wonder of electronic music.

Medibot's Urine Sample Test Medibot's Urine Sample Test

To play this game, read the clues to work out which famous person produced the urine sample.

The Information Wheel Dencing (Darts Fencing) Scoring System

Use the handy Dencing information wheel to work out how to score this complicated new sport invented by Scott Nolan (the inventor of Gonnis).


Download this screensaver with the 'HRH Sir Prince Charles' countdown clock on it. By installing this, you'll be able share in the growing mood of anticipation associated with the forthcoming Royal visit.


Download wallpapers for your computer. Available now in a pleasing variety of colours and sizes.



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