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28 October 2014
look around you

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look around you look around you

Look Around You   Viewers' Letters   M Hodsman
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I am excited at the show on computers that is coming soon. I was reading an article about the impossible speed of these machines that stated they were so fast these days they could count up to 40 before you could say Michael Burke. The idea that you were able to make an anagram of 'lime' (in 32.7 hours!!) and calculate PI to 7 places (less than 13 days) with only 65,000 lines of machine code and 800 punch cards was only a dream for yesterday's particle phyisicist. Nowadays artificial intelligence has moved on leaps and bounds. If you turned the whole world into a computer - it could beat MOST 8 month old puppies at draughts - in less than a week - imagine that!


Letter sent in by M Hodsman

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