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24 September 2014
look around you

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look around you look around you

Look Around You   Viewers' Letters   Michael Bailey
Look Around You People

May I congratulate BBC Television's producers on the new Look Around You; I loved the first series, but this one is even more interesting and futuristic. The world of computing fascinates me; -not wanting to be left behind in the progress of, what I call Compu-mation (or Computed Information), I have bought a Teletext decoder adapter for my television set, and was blown away by the digital words which appeared on the screen! Watching these live data transmissions from the BBC made me wonder what could be possible with computers in the future; I'm sure by the year 2000 we'll all have microcomputers connected to each other in some way, and be able to transmit letters, pictures, order items for the milkman to deliver, and myriad other liberating things, like playing a game of chess with someone in a completely different town, like Norwich for instance.


Letter sent in by Michael Bailey

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