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24 July 2014
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look around you look around you

Look Around You   Your Vision of 2000   Wall-o-vision
Look Around You People

 Wall-o-vision - by James White. We all dislike redecorating our living rooms when fashion changes and the wife is unhappy. But it's set to become all too often. The I.C.O.N.I.D (International Collection Of New Interior Designers) predicts that by the year 2000, the frequency of fashion changes in interior design could rise by up to 1000%, meaning your new wallpaper will go out of fashion, before you've finished putting it up. Couple this with the recent new paint tax, and Britain is stuck in an interior fashion crisis. In steps Wallovision. Your wall is fitted with several televisions all connected to a device called the Video Wall System, or VWS for short. Each design is stored upon a magnetic tape cassette, and then transmitted onto your wall. Changing the look of your living room is as simple as replacing one of many cheap cassettes. No lost bank holidays, no accidents with paint. It really is the solution you, and your walls, have been looking for.

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All the designs sent in so far...

The i-Trak - sent by Gordon Taylor.
Hood-ini - sent by Paul Hermitage.
Wall-o-vision - sent by James White.
The Thove - sent by Damien Deakens.
The Kettable - sent by Ross Nieuwburg.
Atomo-Pigeon - sent by Rob Burman BaSc (Baron of Scientologically).
Edible Music - sent by Oliver Llewellyn.
Maestro-matic 2000 - sent by Halson Hoek.
Multi-pencil - sent by Matthew Hare.
Materialiser Shoes - sent by Philip Boulain.
ChipsMade - sent by Tristram Grevett.
Chroma-Lens - sent by J Smith.
The Personal Cinema Helmet - sent by Richard Knights.
The Xystem 2000 - sent by Lee Hart.
Catlaze - sent by Paul Manning.
Harmonic Sex Change - sent by Rich Boakes.
Worms - sent by Dr Robert Graff PHD.
Portatoilet - sent by James McNaughton.
Crayonnaise - sent by Adam Campbell, John Murphy and Matthew Comber.
Ice Organiser - sent by James McDermott.
Roads - sent by Darren.
Dress-o-matic - sent by Nathan Davis.
The Happle - sent by Chris Harvey.
Machine - sent by Haddon C.D.
Toothbrush - sent by Oliver Pilsworth.
Zero Grav Kitty Litter - sent by Marie Griffiths.
The Five String Bass Guitar - sent by Gedi Eddington.
The Beard-Tidi Telephone - sent by Victoria Moon.
Flu Trains - sent by John Mary Stanton.


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