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10 October 2014

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Matt Lucas and David Walliams Discuss...


From wearing drag to Matt's favourite sausage... you asked the questions - and Matt and David answered them. This interview comes courtesy of BBC THREE.

How do you go about writing Little Britain? Who writes what? For example, does David write for Des Kaye and Matt write for Marjorie Dawes, just because you play the characters? Or do you write for each other?

Matt: We tend to come up with ideas separately and then write them up together.

David: We sit in a room for months trying to think of funny things. We write everything together though one of us will normally have provided the germ of the idea.

Seeing as a lot of comedy shows now have dubbed audience noise, why did you decide to have an audience watching the show as it was performed?

Matt: Much of the show was filmed on location and then we had five nights when we filmed stuff in front of the audience (eg Daffyd in the pub, the PM and Sebastian, Mollie Sugden's bridesmaid, Edward and Samantha and Ray McClooney). We also showed all the location stuff to the audience. The laughter you hear is their response (not canned). In fact, sometimes we have to turn the laughter down, or it gets a bit intrusive. THAT’S how hilarious we are.

David: I have always liked shows that have laughter in them and I think me and Matt work well in front of an audience. The humour is quite broad too so I think it suits an audience.

When the script is finally edited, who has the final word on what stays in and what gets left out?

David: We worked on the scripts with our script editor Mark Gatiss and producer Myfanwy Moore so it was always a group decision.

How did director Steve Bendelack get involved with the show?

Matt: We used to do 'Little Britain' on radio and Graham Linehan heard it and championed it, and wanted to direct a TV pilot, but was always clear from the start that he had lots of other commitments and so he wouldn’t be able to do a full series. Steve was the natural choice - we loved his work on 'The League Of Gentlemen'. He’s a brilliant director and also just a very nice guy, always warm and friendly.

David: I had worked with Steve on 'Ted and Alice' and always admired his work on 'The Royle Family' and 'The League Of Gentlemen' so was keen to work with him. He saw the pilot and liked it and agreed to do it.

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