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10 October 2014

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Series Two - Episode Six

Sketches in this Episode

  • First aired BBC THREE 23.11.2004


    Lou and Andy

1. Lou and Andy - Andy's got a date.
2. Vicky Pollard - Vicky's changed since she got herself a boyfriend.
3. Rachel and Nicola - A lovely snap of Jonathan.
4. Reverend Jessie King - 'Excuse me while I talk in tongues for a moment.'
5. Marjorie Dawes and Fatfighters - Paul and Pat are engaged.
6. Kenny Craig - Kenny's amazing stage show.
7. Daffyd - And the Gay Rugby League (BBC THREE only).
8. Daffyd - Daffyd joins the police force (BBC ONE only).
9. Kenny Craig - Kenny's amazing stage show part two.
10. Rachel and Nicola - A gorgeous piccie of Rupert.
11. Harvey and Jane - Their big day. Bitty!
12. Bubbles Devere - Seducing Sir Anthony Garfield, the owner of Hill Grange Health Spa.
13. Mr Mann - Purchasing a record of James Last playing the hits of Nelly Furtado.
14. Rachel and Nicola - A photograph of Simon and his brother Tom. They look very alike.
15. Maggie and Judy - Anisha's gingerbread men.
16. Sebastian and Michael - At the post-election party.
17. Lou and Andy - At the seaside town of Sphincter-on-Sea, Andy takes a dip.
18. Dr Lawrence and Anne - In Dr Lawrence's garden.

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