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24 September 2014

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Space Force Aptitude Test


Thank you for your interest in our company. There are so many roles within the modern, up-to-date Space Force of today.

We don't just need soldiers and pilots: we're looking for cooks, dentists, and people who are willing to sweep up the charred remains of their colleagues.

If you're looking for career advancement, or there's just some people on Earth you want to get a really long way away from, Space Force is for you!

Life in The Force

Every day in The Force, as you will soon be shortening Space Force to, is a new thrill, a new excitement - combining to form the new concept of 'thrillcitement.' Maybe you'll be running round corridors shouting 'Cover me!' Maybe you'll be scrambling over some netting while your new Space Force friends shout 'Go on, __________[insert your name here], you can do it.'

Whatever it is, you'll be ready, because you were trained - by someone who seemed rather severe at first, but whose tender side gradually revealed itself as you gained their respect.


All our employees receive an excellent range of benefits, including a handsome death-in-service bonus, But it's not all work work work. There's 25 days' annual leave to enjoy, plus 10.45 public holidays.

A return journey to Earth every four years is guaranteed (*subject to engagement in war, peacekeeping, trade negotiation, smuggling patrol, holiday cover, etc.).

Space Force is accredited by Investors In Beings (IIB).

But have you got what it takes? Take the test at the top right of this page to find out.

Aptitude Test

Have you got what it takes?

Kevin Eldon as York

Take the test to find out.

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