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24 September 2014

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Hyperdrive Competition

It's the Camden Lock's mission to sell the planet Earth to the rest of the universe, so we asked you to come up with good slogans. The prize was the t-shirt above, as modelled by Commander Henderson.

The winner is: Paul Bassett

Experience embarrassment! Earth's unique atmosphere is the only remaining place that supports this rare and exquisite emotion. Visit the famous Red Face Districts and prepare yourself for down-to-earth, cringe-making mortification. Go on! - you know it makes no sense.

And the runner up to win a signed script is: Danny Hartley

Investment Opportunity: Earth

Semi-rural location affording picturesque views of galactic spiral arms. Greatly modernised with many original features. Some areas in need of attention. Single sun heating. Excellent atmospheric insulation.

Within easy reach of local hyperspace junction. Will suit first-time empire builders. Open to offers.

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