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24 September 2014

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BBC Comedy FAQ

Using BBC materials and properties

  1. Can I use pictures or video from this site in my school project or corporate presentation?

    We cannot give you permission to use images, text and video from this site in educational projects, as they are protected by copyright. It is possible to licence pictures for a charge - please visit BBC Research Central for more information. If you'd like to use BBC materials in any other way, please contact BBC Worldwide for permission. They're very friendly.

  2. Can I use BBC music in my own project?

    You will need get a licence from BBC Worldwide. Please send details of your request to

  3. Can I use materials from the BBC website in my own?

    We provide downloadable wallpaper images for personal use. However, all images on the BBC website are copyright and should not be re-published without the BBC's permission.

  4. Are there any BBC materials that I can reuse?

    Yes! There is an online archive of materials specifically for making your own comedy over on Comedy Soup.

  5. Can you send me information for my school project?

    We do not have any 'information packs' for programmes so please do not request them. Similarly, please don't ask us to answer the question of the essay you've been set!

    If you are serious about researching a topic and would like to contact a show's producer, we will pass your message to them when possible. When writing your message, make sure you at least include:

    • An explanation of your project
    • What you need to find out
    • Who you'd like to talk to
    • What you'd like to ask

    Please bear in mind that producers are very busy people so we can't guarantee anything.

    If you wish to speak to a performer, you'll need to contact them through their agent. These details can usually be found online.

  6. Can you send me a programme on video or as a transcript?

    We can't, but there are some fantastic research resources if you know where to look. We especially recommend the British Film Institute's National Film and Television Archive if you're trying to track down a programme that is not available to buy commercially.

    It's also worth noting that script books of some BBC comedies, including Little Britain, The Office and Only Fools and Horses, are available in highstreet shops and online retailers.

  7. Can I adapt a BBC property for use as a stage play?

    Please speak to BBC Worldwide for permission and information about licensing.

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