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28 October 2014

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BBC Comedy FAQ

DVDs, CDs and Cassettes

  1. Is a certain product available? Where can I buy it?

    We do not have any information about which products are currently available: please consult your local highstreet retailer or online store. It is likely that if you cannot find a product, it is not available. Unfortunately we do not know when - or if - a product will be released.

    Products such as DVDs and videos are distributed for a period of time but can eventually disappear off the shelves. However, it is often still possible to find used copies through a specialist dealer or by checking out a reputable online auction service.

  2. I live outside the UK. Where can I buy BBC products?

    Please consult your local retailers, as we do not have any information regarding overseas DVD distribution. BBC Worldwide runs online stores for America and Canada.

  3. Where can I get permission to screen a BBC DVD in front of an audience, e.g. as part of a club?

    You need to ask BBC Worldwide for permission, explaining exactly what you'd like to do.

  4. Where can I report a fault with a BBC product?

    If you are unsatisfied with a product, the first thing you should do is contact the retailer you purchased it from. They should be able to offer a replacement for faulty stock. However, if the problem is with all of the stock, you should contact the publisher or manufacturer.

    The BBC does not directly publish consumer products such as DVDs. Please refer to the packaging to find out who is responsible. It may be BBC Worldwide, the BBC's commercial subsidiary, or another company such as 2 entertain.

  5. Where can I report piracy or counterfeit goods?

    Please send the details of your finding to

    If you have found a seller of counterfeit items on eBay, please provide the seller ID but do not send live links, as these can go out of date.

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