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28 October 2014

Edinburgh Fringe Festival
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Rhys Darby
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Rhys Darby

Jekyll and Hyde 2030

What is your show all about?

The classic story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - set on board the first manned shuttle to Mars in the year 2030.

Where and when can we see it?

The Pleasance Attic every night at 7pm.

Do you love Edinburgh or is it a chore?

It's a bloody chore, but one that you love to do, like taking the milk bottles up to the gate, knowing you may catch a glimpse of the sexy girl living across the street. You try and time it right so you can catch her with her curtains open as she's getting changed for dinner. Then her father catches you looking and runs out onto his freak out and make a scene... you're high on life.

What will you be doing with the other 23 hrs of the day?

Prancing around Edinburgh in my fine outfits, making out like I own the place... then I'll catch some amazing shows, like anything that has travelled a fair distance and that has dance in it. I'll also lie in the meadows and dream of a world without terror.

What's the best thing you've ever seen on the fringe?

The Flight of the Conchords... oh and one year i saw some gigantic giraffe puppets. They were talking to me in the meadows.

What's the worst thing you've seen?

A show called 'the cat must die' 2002.

What's the most curious thing that's happened to you in Edinburgh?

Climbing up Arthurs Seat at 5am with a strange girl and 3 bottles of red wine, it seemed to take hours, but when we finally got to the top I found one of my flyers stuck in a rock.. I picked it out and turned around to show it to the girl...but she was gone. I looked down the cliff and there she was running in the distance getting smaller and smaller, it must have been something I said...I then held the flyer above my head and danced on the rock.

If you could persuade one VIP to come to your show who would it be? Why?

Christian Slater because I loved him in 'Pump up the Volume'.

If the Edinburgh fairy could grant your wish, what would your wish for?

My own rocketship, nothing flash, just something with enough power to get me to the moon. Oh, and it'll need to have two seats - one for my babe Rosie.

What advice do you have for first time Edinburgh punters?

don't waste your time seeing stand-up shows. Go see something original. Go see someone who can perform more than 'jokes'. Look for physical comedy, mime and sound effects. It's the new rock n roll. And I'm leading the wave. Kia kaha.



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