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24 September 2014

Edinburgh Fringe Festival
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edinburgh 2004 | featured comics | Gary Le Strange

Gary Le Strange
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Gary Le Strange

Face Academy

What is your show all about?

It's about a musician in his thirties who is fed up of seeing all the money and glory go to talentless idiots and has decided to stage a one-man war on British culture in response, but sort of gets cold feet and just sings a load of songs from his new album instead.

Where and when can we see it?

Pod Deco, Clerk Street, 10.25 pm, Aug 4-29 (not 17)

Do you love Edinburgh or is it a chore?

It’s one of the most exciting and enriching creative and social environments it’s possible to be in. At the same time, it's bloody hard work.

What will you be doing with the other 23 hrs of the day?

Sleeping, drinking, eating, walking up and down hills, getting fed up of walking up and down hills and then deciding to take cabs up and down hills instead, spending an hour putting make-up and costume on and half an hour taking it off again, doing other gigs at midnight when I really ought not to, worrying about the show, meeting people, seeing other shows, talking to people about their shows, getting frustrated and angry about something or other and falling out with someone because of it, doing interviews, buying throat medication, and generally flipping on an hourly basis between being manically excited and utterly exhausted, until I eventually collapse in a twitching heap.

What's the best thing you've ever seen on the fringe?

1991 – I think they were called 'These Freedom Tourists' – an American performance art group, the climax to whose show was a rendition of Close To You by The Carpenters, in which the singer swallowed a whole jar of mayonnaise then threw it up again on stage, after which one of the others put some squirty cream and a cherry on top. You probably had to be there.

What's the worst thing you've seen?

See above.

What's the most curious thing that's happened to you in Edinburgh?

People actually coming to see my show and liking it.

If you could persuade one VIP to come to your show who would it be? Why?

David Bowie, so he can hear the song I do which encapsulates his entire career in four minutes.

If the Edinburgh fairy could grant your wish, what would your wish for?

That my show will sell out every night and I get five star reviews from all the reviewers, then win loads of awards and I'll get a good, long, beautiful, peaceful sleep every night.

What advice do you have for first time Edinburgh punters?

Go and see Gary Le Strange.



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