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28 October 2014

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  7. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps 04/11/02

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Sally is terrified that she might be pregnant, so she takes a pregnancy test and asks the other girls to do the same so that she knows what a negative result looks like. In her fluster she gets the tests muddled up. One of the girls is pregnant, but which one?

Is it Sally? Well, she did have sex with awful Peter on the night that Patrick came to save her from the non-existent spider.

Is it Jane? Well, with James away, she was so desperate for sex that she even briefly toyed with the idea of doing it with Jeff. But the pizza delivery man was on hand, so to speak. So, yes, it could be Jane.

Is it Susan? She reveals that she has recently discovered she has a medical problem which prevents her from having children. It would take a miracle for her to be pregnant.

Patrick asks Sally to meet him at the bar, where he tells her that he does in fact love her. Jane spoils the romantic mood by bursting in, proclaiming joyously, "I'm not pregnant!" Sally is devastated. Then Susan arrives with a new bombshell. A miracle has happened. She and Steve are expecting a baby.

The Wisdom of Jeff: "Porn-wise, lesbians are like a jam sandwich, without the sandwich and just the jam. Fact, lesbians are just a big blob of jam. Well, not actually. Unless they've exploded in all the lesbonic excitement."

Most embarrassing moment:
Susan arrives at the fertility clinic to find out why Steve has locked himself in the cubicle for an hour and a half. It turns out he couldn't masturbate in the cold, impersonal surroundings of the clinic, so he called his friends to bring his porn collection and favourite pillow. He has to explain away to Susan the fact that he appears to need Jeff and Patrick there in person while he masturbates.

Quick question:On his living room wall, Jeff has a poster from which film?
Find out...

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