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28 October 2014

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  2. MY DINNER IN HELL 10/09/01

the boys
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Steve and Susan are watching a documentary on telly, and the narrator says that all men masturbate, even if they are in a stable relationship. This sends Steve into a new realm of embarrassment.

Susan’s parents, who are notoriously frank in discussing matters of a sexual nature, arrive for supper. In his paranoia, Steve imagines that they are taunting him about his masturbatory habits, and furiously asks them to leave.

Meanwhile, Patrick has tracked down a vibrator that an old girlfriend modelled on his own member. He presents a gift-wrapped copy to Steve, who then innocently passes it on to Susan’s Mum as a peace offering.

The Wisdom of Jeff: "Steve’s whole fantasy life revolves around Mariella Frostrup… If he ever meets Mariella Frostrup in person his right hand will shout 'mother'."

Most embarrassing moment:
Steve mistakenly blurts out to Susan’s parents that seeing his right hand naked makes him feel aroused. Way to go, Steve.

Quick question: What does Jane do for a living?
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