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Become a Wishwings patron. We give the children of the world happy flighting!

Hello I am Moses and I am the founder and chief executive of Wishwings (pardon the pun), one of very most successful charities in all of Terminal 3.

Here at Wishwings we work every day to take sick children and give them the thing they have always dreamed of - a one way return economy flight to a European destination with plenty of spare itinerary. But we can’t do it alone.

Without your help we would never be able to buy the bottle of water and packet of ready salted crisps that makes each child’s flight so special, nor would I be able to ensure that they got to the budgethostel safely before going to check myself into a modest six star hotel.

If you are rich and famous we want to hear from you. We’ll get back to you immediately. If you are not rich or famous we still welcome your support but don’t expect to get a reply, we are very busy.

There are three levels of support. Which WishWings will you wear?

Bronze WishWings

The entry level of Flywings, the junior position, the perfect level for someone who wants to be charitable but who has their eyes fixed on their wallet at all times.

Friends and colleagues probably joke about your penny pinching but you don’t care, you’ll be grimly clutching onto your money until the day you die in the vain belief that you can take it with you.

Look what you get for £100 a year:

Give me my Bronze Wings
  • A bag full of used boarding passes.
  • Name on the bronze supporter’s plaque to be displayed prominently in my back pocket.
  • Photograph of yourself with me.
  • Two invitations to the annual supporters supper to be held at the landside Happy Burger.
  • Personal letter from one of the children your support does so much to help.
  • Full body massage from me (we are sorry but for operational reasons this offer only applies to lithe young men).
Silver WishWings

Being silver means that you are one of those people who won’t settle for anything but the very second best.

Perhaps in the rest of your life you like to nearly go all the way but not quite. You like to almost make love to people but then stop, or make a lovely dinner and not quite eat it.

Anyway, your choice, but you strike me as odd. Still you do have the peace of mind that you can always upgrade at any time if you ever decide to be just a little bit more generous.

You get so much for only £500 a year:

Give me my Silver Wings
  • All of the benefits of bronze.
  • plus
  • Personal phone call with Madonna, David Beckham or Lady Gaga. They won’t know that they are going to talk to you but I took a note of their numbers when they flew with us and in my experience if you ring late enough you should be able to get a few words in before they realise they don’t know you.
  • Full body massage from me (young men only)
  • Name on the silver supporter’s plaque to be displayed prominently in the staff tea break area.
  • Photograph of yourself with me where I smile.
  • Personal letter from one of the children your support does so much to help plus a postcard, and during your membership year your child will ‘like’ at least ten of your Facebook statuses.
Gold WishWings

You are Gold, you are a person of quality and distinction.

Perhaps you have some sort of inadequacy which means that you have to show off to everyone all the time and make yourself out to be better than you really are.

Nobody’s really that impressed.

Anyway, you want it all and you are going to get it.

For just £2000 a month:

Give me my Gold Wings
  • All of the benefits of bronze and silver.
  • plus
  • Transatlantic flight to the destination of your choice (In cargo hold).
  • Name on the gold supporters plaque to be tattooed on my upper thigh.
  • Photograph of you with me where I smile and don’t make a rude gesture behind your head.
  • A chance to come on an exclusive shopping trip with me in London’s West End. You will be taken to several exclusive stores that only I know about. I will give you style tips and you will be allowed to buy me up to three ties and/or handkerchiefs.
  • You will not be bothered by any of the children your support does so much to help.

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