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British Citizenship Test

You will need to use a mouse for this test. It is not a real mouse so do not cook it and feed it to your children.

Select the button you believe is correct. You can only select one button at a time. If you select a new one, the old one is deselected. There is no ‘dual citizenship’ here.

To continue to the next question you should press the NEXT QUESTION button which will have the effect of taking you to the next question.

Mouse Training
Click here to take the test

Many foreign people wish to enjoy the freedoms that being a British citizen brings. They want to eat every day at a different Hungry Horse Inn and apply for their own Boots Advantage card. But you cannot become a British Citizen unless you have extensive knowledge of our traditions. Therefore I have put together this quiz to see if you are ready yet. This is my improved version of the citizenship test, which I found to have many mistakes in it, such as incorrectly stating that Wales is part of the UK.

This test is multiple choice. Please mark your answers on your computer screen using an HB pencil. You have a certain amount of time of my choosing to take this test. If you make a mistake during the test or wish to ask any sort of question at all it will be held against you.

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