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28 October 2014

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Plane in the sky

Union Air Flight 216 from Chicago to Amsterdam

Although precise details are difficult to obtain, unconfirmed reports suggest that Union Air Flight 216 is now under the control of terrorists, or an unknown group posing as terrorists.

It is thought that they could have gained access to the plane's flight deck by disguising themselves as pilots, forcing their way in using a wooden implement of some kind (see below).

Wood is rarely used for harm, instead being made into benevolent objects such as easels and cradles, and therefore would not have been checked for in standard security procedures.

So is it still safe to fly? Watch the video report for the likely hood. (Video on the right hand side)

Hijacks - the human stories

The human stories of those aboard Union Air flight 216 may seem insignificant in a wider context. But in a different (though equally large) context they help to build a picture of what the atmosphere could be like onboard.

  • Seat 9A: Guy Allen. It's his birthday today.
  • Seat 63F: Sue Patch. Pregnant, with baby due in just eight and a half months time.
  • Seat 53C: Geoff Peake. Won this flight in a competition.
  • Seat 24G: Brad Hart. He fought in the Gulf War and lost an arm fighting for his country.
  • Seat 33B: Cally Romero. Just six years old. It's her first ever flight. Her mum's just arranged for her to have piano lessons and she's delighted.
  • Seats 4A: and B Bill and Carrie Riley. They've just got married and they're on their way to start their honeymoon.
  • The cockpit: Captain Pete Marcello. The pilot. This is his penultimate flight: after the return journey he's due to retire after thirty-five years unblemished service. Friends describe him as 'the loveliest man', and a Pisces.

Wood: hidden threats


Baseball bat

Dagger made from wood


Pencil made from wood

Sharpened pencil

Chainsaw made from wood

Wooden-handled chainsaw

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