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28 October 2014

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Half Way There Day

Brian and Maggie

Britain celebrates Half Way There Day

Great Britons all across the Isles and England are again united in celebrating Half Way There Day, the day that marked the half way point between each end of World War II.

Watch the video on the right for more on this tremendous day.


In retrospect, Brian and Maggie remember Half Way There Day.

They remember how it felt to be in the middle of a war, and though they don't recall how it felt on that specific date, they know it was probably a mixture of hope and fear.

And would they do it all again? "I'd rather not," says Maggie. Neither would Brian.

Have Your Say

  • "Why all this talk of war? What is it good for? Absolutely nothing." Rick Mansworth

  • "I'm not a Nazi sympathizer, but why is it the British media never show any sympathy for the Nazis?" Katie, Ashford

  • "War has a bad name these days. What people don't seem to understand is that without wars there would be no peace." Paulat

  • "I'm too young to remember the war but it must've been awful. I'd like to send a big hug to everyone who was in the war." Debs

  • "The middle of the war was a turning point." Jagdip

  • "War is not a bed of roses. That's why we have poppies." Lara, Slough

  • "We remember the war but we still have wars. It's ironic isn't it?" Colin, Maidstone

  • "If the middle of the war had gone differently then everything would have been different. No-one ever thinks about that do they?" Alan, Norfolk

  • "Your coverage of the war is anemic and sentimentalized and does nothing to convey the sheer brutal horror of what went on. You should show more mutilated bodies and explosions." Roger, East Dulwich

  • "War is stupid. And people are stupid. Boy George said it all. There's nothing more to add." Popgirrrl

  • "Talking about the war sixty years on is nonsensical. Get over it. Move on. Don't we have anything better to talk about in the twenty-first century? What about ring tones?" Dougal, Troon

  • "I have nothing to say on this subject." Anon

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