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28 October 2014

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Bolivian press

Does Bolivia possess nuclear weapons?

American Intelligence reports have suggested that the South American republic of Bolivia may have acquired nuclear weapons. President Bush reacted by saying this is a "bad day for the good guys", while Prime Minister Tony Blair described the news as "profoundly nuclear".

But what does this all mean? Watch the video report on the right for more on what we do and don't yet know.

Bolivian Nuclear Weapons: The Evidence

Satellite photograph

1. Eyewitness reports of construction in remote areas.

2. Reports of Bolivia buying uranium, the raw material for a nuclear bomb, in bulk off the black market.

3. Leaked government documents outlining the country's nuclear bomb making program.

4. Satellite photography clearly showing what look like nuclear warheads being transported across country.

Subterranean second homes

5. Rumours that government ministers are looking to buy second homes several miles below ground.

6. A government statement denying that it has any nuclear weapons. This was considered by many outside observers to a clear sign that they do have nuclear weapons.

7. A government announcement that it does have nuclear weapons. A statement considered by many to be a possible sign that they do have nuclear weapons.

Press Conference Microphone Scale

By IBS News' Anthony Markovitz
You know the great thing about these press briefings is, you don't have to listen to what the guy's saying, you just have to look at the number of microphones. Anything over five microphones, you know you got a serious situation. Anything over ten, everybody take cover - we got incoming.

This Bolivian statement is a seven-microphone situation, so it's got to be something pretty major. We're talking "sit down and shut up", here. Perhaps make sure you know where the most structurally sound part of your house is, for all the good it'll do you.

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