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28 October 2014

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Lord Blackadder and Queen Elizabeth I

Series: 2 Episode: 6

First broadcast on 20 February 1986. Featuring Hugh Laurie as Prince Ludwig.

When Blackadder and Melchett are kidnapped by the evil Prince Ludwig, the Queen is given an impossible choice. She can only pay the ransom on one of them, but which one?

She decides to spend the money on a big party instead.

If we went around punishing people for being stupid, Nursie would have been in prison all her life.


The boys buy their freedom by giving Ludwig some vital information that will enable him to assassinate the Queen. They tell him that Nursie always goes as a cow at the Queen's fancy dress parties.

They then manage to escape, rush home to find the party in full swing. Queenie is dressed as Henry VIII, Baldrick is a pencil case and there is one person in an elaborate cow costume. Blackadder kills them on sight.

(How did Blackadder know it was Ludwig in the cow costume, and not Nursie? As he explains, "Ludwig was a master of disguise, whereas Nursie is a sad, insane old woman with an udder fixation. All I had to do was kill the one that looked like the cow.")

All ends happily until, after the end credits, it is revealed that Ludwig came back, killed the whole court and has now taken over the country disguised as the Queen.

Brush Up Your Shakespeare

Melchett bemoans their cruel fate with, "As private parts to the gods are we, they play with us for their sport." This is a take on Gloucester's line in King Lear: "As flies to wanton boys, are we to the gods, /They kill us for their sport."

Insult of the Episode

Blackadder: Nursie is a sad, insane old woman with an udder fixation.

Words to the Closing Song

Beware, all ye who lust for fame!
The path of life is most uncertain.
Prince Ludwig thought he'd won the game,
But now, the Kraut's gone for a Burton.

Blackadder, Blackadder,
He beat the Hun by luck.
Blackadder, Blackadder,
He's smarter than a duck.

Lord Melchett, Lord Melchett,
Intelligent and deep.
Lord Melchett, Lord Melchett,
A shame about the sheep!

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