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28 October 2014

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Blackadder the Third

Dish and Dishonesty


Blackadder rigs an election to stop Pitt the Younger removing his boss the Prince Regent from the Civil List.

Ink and Incapability

Prince George

The prince decides to become patron of Dr. Johnson's new dictionary, much to Blackadder's contempt.

Nob and Nobility

Edmund and the actors

Blackadder tries to cash in on the new craze for all things French.

Sense and Senility

Blackadder and Baldrick

When someone tries to assassinate the prince, Blackadder helps improve his image by employing two actors.

Amy and Amiability

L-R: Baldrick, Blackadder, Mrs Miggins

The prince needs to marry a rich wife to pay his gambling debts, but his wooing technique leaves a lot to be desired.

Duel and Duality

Prince George and Blackadder

The Duke of Wellington challenges the prince to a duel.

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