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28 October 2014

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  the King and QueenWitchsmeller Pursuivant
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It is a time of plague and omens in the kingdom. In this atmosphere of paranoia, the Witchsmeller Pursuivant is called to court, to sniff out the chief witch and bring an end to the country's bad luck.

Inconveniently, the Witchsmeller decides that Edmund is the Chief Witch, and that Percy and Baldrick have something a bit witchy about them, too. Just as the boys are about to burned at the stake, the Witchsmeller spontaneously combusts - as if by magic.

It seems that, when Edmund's mother said she 'hasn't had any power for years', she may have been exaggerating.

quote Blackadder: I've just been hearing about your work in Taunton. Imagine that - every single person in the village having an affair with the same duck.

quote Blackadder: I have erred and strayed like a lost ox... I have coveted my father's adultery... I have not always honoured my neighbours ass.

quote Percy: Only this morning in the courtyard I saw a horse with two heads and two bodies.
Blackadder: Two horses standing next to each other?

brush up
shakespeare There's no Shakespeare in this episode!

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fact In 1495, there was a wise saying which went: "a rat a day keeps the plague away." Come to think of it, it wasn't such a wise a saying.

evil Edmund is not particularly evil in this episode, but the Witchsmeller Pursuivant is very evil indeed. And the Queen turns out, somewhat unexpectedly, to be a witch. But a nice one.

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