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24 September 2014

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  the InfantaThe Queen of Spain's Beard
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It is a time of wars and political upheaval, and the King decides to make an alliance between England and Spain by marrying Blackadder to the Spanish Infanta.

Blackadder is keen to end his appalling run of luck with women, until he meets the Infanta: a short, plump, sexually voracious lady with a facial hair problem.

His schemes to thwart the marriage all fail, until news comes of a new alliance between France and Switzerland. Politics now demand a match with the Hungarian princess - a charming girl. The only problem is that she's eight years old.

quote Blackadder: As my tutor, old bubble face, used to say: "make love and be merry, for tomorrow you may catch some disgusting skin disease."

quote Blackadder: My God! In twenty four hours I'll be married to a walrus!

quote The Queen: Look at the two love birds!
Blackadder: One love bird and one love elephant.

brush up
shakespeare Three messengers come to the King in quick succession with news of the war. He says, "I like not this news! Bring me some other news." This is an echo of a scene in Richard III. After hearing bad news from a third messenger, Richard says, "There, take thou that till thou bring better news."

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fact The traditional Swiss method of killing enemies is apparently to cut off the head then pour melted cheese down the nostrils.

evil Sending Baldrick into the Infanta's bedchamber to pluck her cherry was an act of pure evil if ever there was one.

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