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24 September 2014

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  Edmund pretending to be madGoodbyeee (the nation's favourite episode)
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General Melchett has finally given the command for the company to go over "over the top", that is to say charge to their certain deaths.

Blackadder pretends to be mad so that he can be invalided back to Blighty - unfortunately the penalty for pretending to be mad is death by firing squad, so that plan ends in failure.

Melchett sends Darling to the trench to join them for the final push. Even George realises, in a fit of honesty, that he's afraid. All hopes of last-minute reprieve gone, the four men climb over the trench, and walk into the German machine-gun fire.

quote Baldrick:
'Hear the words I sing,
War's a horrid thing,
But still I sing, sing, sing,
Ding a ling a ling.'

quote Melchett: 'I'll just have to sit this one out on the touchline with the half-time oranges and the fat wheezy boys with a note from matron, while you young bloods link arms for the glorious final scrum down.'

quote Blackadder: 'Whatever it was, I'm sure it was better than my plan to get out of this by pretending to be mad. I mean, who would have noticed another madman round here?'

brush up
war Blackadder: 'We've been sitting here since Christmas 1914, during which time millions of men have died, and we've moved no further than an asthmatic ant with heavy shopping.'

try a quiz Test Your Cunning Try the Blackadder series four quiz.

Tally Ho George: "I joined up straight away - 10th August 1914. What a day that was. Myself and the fellows leap-frogging down to the Cambridge recruiting office, then playing tiddly-winks in the queue."

Insult of the episode Baldrick: 'Shall I do my war poem, sir?'
Blackadder: 'How hurt will you be if I give the honest answer, which is, No - I'd rather French-kiss a skunk?'

Insult of the episode For the past thirteen months, Baldrick's coffee has in fact been made from mud. With dandruff as a cunning sugar substitute. Just don't ask what he's been using for the milk.

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