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16 September 2014
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The Ab Fab A to Z Guide


SaffyThe born to be mild, cardigan-wearing daughter of Edina and her second husband Justin. The strange maternal role reversal always seems on the point of collapse as the dowdy, drug-flushing Saffron acts as mother to the spoilt, tantrum-throwing Edina. Departing somewhat from her scientific schooling, Saffy has turned her intellect to writing for the stage (see Self Raising Flower) and has also worked for the Labour Party.

Sent in by CJ

Spice World - The Movie

Spice GirlJennifer Saunders makes a brief cameo appearance in this movie. At a party, she has a conversation about designers with Posh (Victoria Beckham) claiming she was very disappoined with this years 'Gucci, Pucci, Prada and Fendi' collections. Although it seems like she is playing Eddy, she is billed in the credits simply as 'fashionable woman.'

Sent in by Gina Bouchard

Self Raising Flower

Self Raising FlowerSaffronís autobiographical play about a sensible, gentle child who is mothered by a drunken, ill-tempered fashion victim. See the episode Small Opening for more.

Sent in by Vix

Sawahla, Julia

Julia SawalhaJane Horrocks wasnít the only Ab Fab star to work on the movie Chicken Run. Julia, who plays the dowdy Saffron in Ab Fab, provided the voice of Ginger. Sheís also starred in various TV dramaís such as Pride and Prejudice and Martin Chuzzlewit, Press Gang and, more recently Jonathan Creek. She says in real life she is the complete opposite of her character, Saffy, and has more in common with Edina - "Iím into fads. Iíve done all the diets, Iíve mixed dodgy drinks with dodgy drinks."

Sent in by Kim


a great mixerIdeal neat or, as Pats and Eddy prefer to drink it, mixed with Bolly to make a 'Stolly-Bolly.' At a pinch, Pats can live without the Bolly and Eddy can live without the Stolly. (Just a thought, but do you think drinks sometimes resemble their owners?)

Sent in by Richard


one small stepEddy has always had a problem negotiating the stairs down to the kitchen. She's rolled down them head first, crashed down them on her snowboard and skates and drunkenly tripped over her micro-scooter and landed in a heap at the bottom. "Help momma, sweetie!"

Sent in by Paul Ellis


Serge - FinallyIn the 2002 special called 'Gay' we finally get to meet Eddy's long lost son Serge. He works in a bookshop in New York. Eddy is very pleased to learn her son is gay but is then rather dissapointed to find he isn't very camp and doesn't like shopping (see also Volcano). Serge is played by actor Josh Hamilton.

Sent in by Connie Anderson


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