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28 October 2014
Absolutely Fabulous

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Designs received so far...

*WINNER* - Eddy It Girl - sent by Spencer M.
Eddy 80s - sent by Megan May
Eddy with a Beckham hat - sent by Ian Cowan
Glimpsed through the smoke - sent by Mauritz
Autumn Eddy - sent by Heidi Blackwell
Dayglo Bubble - sent by Safiya Williams
Texturised Patsy - sent by Tim Wood
Furry Eddy - sent by Karen Geier
*WINNER* - Feet of Flame Eddy - sent by Erin Stolarczyk
Queen Bubble - sent by Erin Stolarczyk
Patsy Squares - sent by Erin Stolarczyk
Rainbow Eddy - sent by Loren Abell
Pretty Patsy in Pink - sent by Luke Lund
Bubble and Lime - sent by Luke Lund
The Divine Patsy - sent by Sarah Wallis
Eddy Pie Hands - sent by Lauren Campbell
Patsy Chess - sent by Lauren Campbell
Patsy Jack Pants - sent by Frances Coe
Catty Eddy - sent by Robert Rothschild
Punkster Patsy - sent by Becky Clay
Hedonist Eddy - sent by Charlotte Copeland
Thoroughly Modern Patsy - sent by Charlotte Copeland
Busy Bee Bubble - sent by Jemma Booth
Cheer Bubs - sent by Jemma Booth
Trick or Bubble - sent by Jemma Booth
*WINNER* - Slogan Eddy - sent by Jemma Booth
Eddy Bares It All - sent by Jemma Booth
Stimpy Patsy - sent by Jemma Booth
Casual Patsy - sent by Jemma Booth
Patsy Wow - sent by Lawrence Parker
Dotty Bubble - sent by David Davies
*WINNER* - Oh-my-eyes Bubble - sent by Darryl Rochester
Leprachaun Bubble - sent by Abby Butcher
Patsy Prepared - sent by Andrea Santoni
Geometric Eddy - sent by Pamela Halpin
Patsy Gown - sent by Natalie James
Patsy Frills - sent by Georgina Allan
Ace Patsy - sent by Olivia Longson
Clean Eddy - sent by Kim Damman
Chicago Eddy - sent by Georgina Allan
Patsy Stockings - sent by Victoria Newby
Punk Bubble - sent by Deborah Brutnell
Patsy Trooper - sent by Andrew Robertson
Designer Diva Edina - sent by Jennifer Lynn
Sixties Superstar Eddy - sent by Jennifer Lynn
Lilac Patsy - sent by Pamela Halpin
Eddy Goddess - sent by Maria Roberts
Bubble Loyalty - sent by Maria Roberts
Patsy Champers - sent by Maria Roberts
LBD Patsy - sent by Laura Donnelly
Crayola Patsy - sent by Sal Vivanco
Lady Bubble - sent by Kirsten Lyn
Bubble Bubble - sent by Claire Tillyer
Eddy Over Easy - sent by Stolibabe
Russian Eddy - sent by Dejan Nikolic
Bling Bling Eddy - sent by Rachel Collinson
Oriental Bubble - sent by Amy Mappin
50s Bubble - sent by Emma Kimber
*WINNER* - 50s Patsy - sent by Emma Kimber
Evening Gown Edina - sent by Emma Kimber
Ballerina Bubble - sent by Lauren Millar
Bubble's Baubles - sent by Josh Booth
Beachin' Eddy - sent by Lauren Millar
Every Day Eddy - sent by Amy Mappin
Busty Eddy - sent by Kat Stephens
Eddy's Ready - sent by Andrew Witt
Asymetric Patsy - sent by Susan Stephens
Workin' Patsy - sent by Amy Mappin
Catwalk Patsy - sent by Lauren Millar
Mother Nature's Eddy - sent by Monique Boogaard
Mother Nature's Patsy - sent by Monique Boogaard
Slinky Eddy - sent by Laura Whyte
Patsy Bodice Ripper - sent by Aimee Staniland
Eddy Fluffy - sent by Flora Jones
Bubble Chrimble - sent by Christy Craston
Dotty Eddy - sent by Ray Graham
Patsy's Secret Life - sent by Ian Cowan
Eddy Gorgeous - sent by Sara Cerne
Cosmo Patsy - sent by Sara Cerne
SuperCleanin' Bubble - sent by Alastair Masey
Academic Eddy - sent by Christine Rawle
Ballroom Eddy - sent by Claire Parlett
Bubble Relish - sent by Charlotte Bayford
Dom Eddy - sent by Charlotte Bayford
Cocktail Patsy - sent by Emma Robertson
Funky Eddy - sent by Cheryl Lavanya
*WINNER* - Eddy or Avril Lavigne? - sent by Holly Rye
Elephantine Eddy - sent by Andrew Robertson
Patsy with Empties - sent by Holly Rye
Ice Queen Patsy - sent by Lewis Hughes
Not A Stitch To Wear Eddy - sent by Danielle Knight
Rocky Horror Patsy - sent by Kathryn Bielby
Patsy Classic - sent by Lisa Loveluck
Spotty Bubble - sent by Stacey S.
*WINNER* - Kaleidoscope Bubble - sent by Alan Haughton
Patsy Lobster - sent by Stacey S.
Patsy Squaddie - sent by Charlotte Bayford
Patsy Unreal - sent by Andrew Robertson
Eddy Cream - sent by Eleclya Greenleaf
Bubble Wrap - sent by Ian Cowan
Leather Sexette Patsy - sent by Jonathan Holmes
Eddy Eye Catching - sent by Beccy Liguori
Random Gloved Patsy - sent by Alexander Moustakakis
Super Bubble - sent by Alexander Moustakakis
*WINNER* - Where is the love? - sent by Stacey Gray
Pink and Purple Eddy - sent by Stacey
Flamboyant Patsy - sent by Michael D'Arrigo
Watercolour Eddy - sent by Michael D'Arrigo
Fat Is Fun - sent by Alexander Nicholas
Belly Button Bubble - sent by Natalie Hill
Eddy Two Tone - sent by Natalie Hill
Perfect Patsy - sent by Natalie Hill
*WINNER* - Diaphanous Eddy - sent by Emily Wardhaugh
*WINNER* - Bubble Cheetara - sent by Bruce Fitchet
Bubblegirl - sent by Ty Berglund
Patsy Bond Girl - sent by Ty Berglund
Eddy Cowgirl - sent by Ty Berglund
Club Kid Eddy - sent by Charlie Dee
Eddy Spotty - sent by Lauren Mastro
Eddy Flashdance - sent by Kayleigh
Eddy Grunt - sent by Timmy
Saucy Eddy - sent by Ian Cowan
Swinging Sixties Eddy - sent by Charlotte Bayford
Raving Patsy - sent by Amber Kinsey
Crimson Patsy - sent by Kaitlin Spencer
Artistic Eddy - sent by Chris Andrews
Stripey Tights Bubble - sent by Summer Steele
Seasonal Bubble - sent by Emily Wardhaugh
Smocked Up Bubble - sent by Emily Wardhaugh
1980s Patsy - sent by Emily Wardhaugh
Bubble Goth - sent by Andrea Santoni
Eddy Lacroixed Up - sent by Sam Lormans
Patsy ready to party - sent by Chris Bowden
Eddy Personal Powersuit - sent by Chris Bowden
Bubble Medusa - sent by Chris Bowden
Ascot Eddy - sent by Chris Bowden
Patsy Evening Gown - sent by Heather Passmore
Bubble Flintstone - sent by Medy van Dijk
Patsy de Ville - sent by Medy van Dijk
Paris Hippy Chiq - sent by Stacey Gray
Who's That Girl? - sent by Stacey Gray
Save the Zebra, sweetie! - sent by Poppy Irving
Patsy's Christmas Outfit - sent by Lindsay Millar
Patsy Fishnet - sent by Emma Wong
Crop Top Eddy - sent by Emma Wong
Bubble Purple Butterfly - sent by Frank Van Opstal
Patsy Uber-Rich - sent by Frank Van Opstal
Punk Eddy - sent by Marieke van Oostrum
Butterfly Bubble - sent by Drew MacNeill
A dressed down Bubble - sent by Jo Dynes
Catsuit Patsy - sent by Jessica Pearl
Sophisticated Patsy - sent by Sophie Macrae
Bubble Dalmatian - sent by Chris Bowden
Eddy in Pink - sent by Chris Bowden
Girly Eddy - sent by Chris Bowden
Patsy Vamp - sent by Chris Bowden
Southern Belle Patsy - sent by Joanne M
Teenage Eddy - sent by Lindsay Millar
Puffing Patsy - sent by Janine Smith
Chic Edina - sent by Helena Siggins
Sombre Bubble - sent by Francesca Galea
Italian Patsy - sent by Rachel Murphy
Moulin Patsy - sent by Gemma Sweeney
A Tarty Patsy - sent by Rebecca Chantrey
Eddy in Red - sent by Jessica Pearl
Autumnal Patsy - sent by Emily Wardhaugh
Clubbin' Eddy - sent by Jessica Pearl
Pious Eddy - sent by Emily Wardhaugh
Eddy for 2003 - sent by Medy van Dijk
Eddy in Blue - sent by Sara Omberg
Eddy Cool Mint - sent by Andrew Robertson
Madchester Eddy - sent by Holly Rye

Couture Sweeties!

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The competition is now closed, but you can still download the templates and design your own outfits for fun.

Get your templates and get drawing sweeties.

Want some inspiration? Check out the What Not To Wear website, Teens Fashion and Beauty, the TOTP Fashion Fest, or Paris Fashion Week in pictures...


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