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24 September 2014

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Galway to Baltimore: See here for programme times


Galway to Baltimore

Map showing Galway to Baltimore
For thousands of years, the west coast of Ireland has been gnawed and mauled by the Atlantic. But this relentless pneumatic drilling by gales, wind, waves and rain has helped carve a coastline of truly majestic beauty….

Bean and wavesGalway and Columbus
The Gulf Stream carries these huge beans on an astonishing journey to shores of the British Isles all the way from Costa Rica. The same warm water current also helped carry Columbus back from America.

Neil Oliver discovers how Columbus actually set off looking for China!

BurrenThe Burren
The beautiful petrol blue Spring Gentian famously thrives in the strange limestone landscape of the Burren. It’s odd because the Spring Gentian is normally only found at altitude, such as high in the Alps, yet in the Burren it grows all the way down to near sea level. Just one of the botanical mysteries Alice unravels in this magical location.

Dun Duchathair, "The Black Fort"The Aran Island
The Aran Islands off Galway Bay are home to some remarkable ancient coastal forts.

Perched on top of dramatic 300ft cliffs this is Dun Aonghusa– acknowledged to be one of the finest prehistoric monuments in Western Europe. Why on earth were such fortifications built right on the edge of mighty sea cliffs?

Neil finds some clues at Dun Duchathair, ‘The Black Fort’ which has been the victim of an age old battle between land and sea.

Miranda dolphin-watching

Shannon Estuary – Dolphins

The Shannon Estuary is a good site to spy a dolphin. But Miranda hasn’t just brought her binoculars. She goes to the Shannon to eavesdrop on their high-pitched chatter.

Valencia Island
Valencia IslandThis is the site of the old ‘Cable Station’ on Valencia Island. It was the hub of a communications network established in 1866, when 2,500 miles of telegraph cable were laid across the Atlantic between Valencia and Newfoundland – allowing messages to be sent in Morse Code between the Old World and the New.

They called it ‘the 8th wonder of the world. ’‘The Atlantic is dried up,’ said The Times. So why did the Transatlantic Cable that united two continents split the community of Valencia in two?

Skellig IslandsSkellig Islands
Monks built a monastery on Skellig Michael, the larger of the two Skellig Islands, as long as 1500 years ago.

Since then, pilgrims have seen the island as a bridge between this world and the next. Alice follows in the pilgrim’s footsteps in search of the extraordinary monastery that was once one of the last footholds of Christian learning in Europe.

Miranda and seaweedSeaweed
Miranda has a close encounter with the seaweed of Roaring Water Bay and discovers why you’re likely to find it in a remarkable range of products, everything from ice cream to beer.

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We're very sorry this programme was cancelled in England, Wales and NI on Sunday 8th July.

Viewers outside Scotland can now see the programme on Tue 24th July at 9 pm.

The repeat on Sat 14th July will be an earlier show from the series.

We're very sorry for the disruption, which is due to sports commitments over the summer.


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Programme 7 - King's Lynn to Felixstowe

Neil explores the site of an experimental Radar, built to spy on the Soviet Union. Alice tries to capture the beauty of Southwold in paint. Nicholas discovers how tides and weather can cause catastrophic floods and Hermione meets a woman who intercepted German radio messages from the Norfolk coast during World War 2.

  Map showing King's Lynn to Felixstowe

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