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28 October 2014

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Discover your Coast Mobile Experience


Mobile Experience

Take a mobile walk with Coast

Click here to find out if there's a mobile phone walk near you, or to download audio to your MP3 player.

Click here to find out about borrowing camera-phones on location.

Or read on for more information about the different mobile options on offer, and how they work.

How the mobile phone walks work

There are 12 Coast Mobile walks, each with eight or more walk points. At every walk point you'll find a BBC Coast sign, with a telephone number on it. If you dial this number with any kind of phone you'll be able to listen to the audio guide - stories, facts and dramas about the place you're standing, plus directions to help you get to the next walk point. See our FAQs for information about charges.

If you’re going as a family…

Kids (and anyone else who wants to) can take part in a fun quiz as they follow the walk route. At each point they'll be invited to text a keyword to 81010 and receive a quiz question related to the local area and walk route. When they text back their answer they'll receive the next question and will be told if they're right or wrong. See our FAQs for information about charges.

Take the web with you

If you have a WAP-enabled phone, you can get nearly all the information available on this website, while on the move. You can visit the Coast WAP site by either entering into your phone, or by texting COAST to 81010. Then select the location you would like and follow the step by step guide. We've added photos so you can check you're heading in the right direction! The WAP site also has weather information for each location, in-depth stories for each of the walk points and details of each of the television shows. See our FAQs for information about charges.

Download the audio to your MP3 player

You can hear experience Coast Mobile free by downloading audio to your MP3 player here. Download the zipped folder from the location you want to visit, to your computer. The folder contains 17 MP3 files. Once you load them into your MP3 player, you can find them in an album called Coast Walks.

Advanced Phone Trial

A spot data code as used by the Coast Mobile Experience
A Series 60 camera phone will be able to access WAP content using a data code like this

As part of the Coast Mobile experience we're working with Hewlett Packard and Gavitec - AG to try out a new mobile application on the latest camera-phones. Each of the plaques will feature a data code. If you download the data code reader software onto your Series 60 phone, you can use your mobile phone to scan in the code. This code will take you directly to the relevant WAP content for that location. If your phone can't access the data codes, there are a limited number of advanced phones available on location, to borrow. See our FAQs for where and how to book them.

More information …

How do I download the data code reader?

Text COAST TRIAL to 81010 and you will be sent a link to allow you to download the data code reader application. Click on the link and follow the step by step instructions.

Which phones work with the data codes?

This is a trial and the code reader is very much in its infancy. The application has been tested and approved for use on a number of Series 60 phones. They are Nokia 3650, Nokia 3660, Nokia 6260, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6620, Nokia 6630, Nokia 6670, Nokia 6680, Nokia 6681, Nokia 6682, Nokia 7610, Nokia 7650 and Siemens SX1. It is the intention to increase this list as the trial progresses.

How much will it cost me?

The software application is free, although operator charges will apply. You will receive a trial copy of the application which will expire when the trial finishes, this will not extend beyond twelve months. Your network provider will charge you for browsing the internet on your phone, and network charges will apply to all other calls. See our FAQs for information about charges.

What are the telephone numbers for the mobile walks?

The relevant number is featured on the plaques for each walk. However you may wish to make a note of the number in advance:

  • Portsmouth - 0870 084 1320
  • Plymouth - 0870 084 1331
  • Falmouth - 0870 084 1342
  • Cardiff - 0870 084 1353
  • Caernarfon - 0870 084 1364
  • Liverpool - 0870 084 1375
  • Belfast - 0870 084 1386
  • Glasgow - 0870 084 1397
  • Leith - 0870 084 1401
  • Hull - 0870 084 1423
  • Great Yarmouth - 0870 084 1434
  • Whitby - 0870 084 4398

    See our FAQs for information about charges.

Can you help us?

To assist the development of future projects we would like to know what you think of Coast Mobile.

You can download a questionnaire to complete after a walk.

Click here to download our questionnaire  Questionaire for our mobile walk in PDF format (image: pdf icon) 43kb .pdf file

What is a pdf file?

Or send your comments to

To report any faults please email and we will respond as soon as possible.


Coast Series 1

Dover to Exmouth
The Frontline

Exmouth to Bristol
The Wild West

Bristol to Cardigan Bay
Times and Tides

Cardigan Bay to the Dee
The Travellers Coast

Liverpool to Solway Firth
Shifting Sands

The Northern Ireland Coast
The Troubled Coast

West Coast of Scotland and Western Isles
Islands and Inlets

Cape Wrath to Orkney
Life on the Edge

John O'Groats to Berwick
The Working Coast

Berwick to Robins Hood's Bay
The Pioneering Coast

Robins Hood's Bay to The Wash
The Inventive Coast

The Wash to Dover
The Vanishing Coast

Highlights Programme
What have we learned and where to now?

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