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Quotes of the Year 年终引语
Legs kicking football
Best quotes from the beautiful game
To celebrate the New Year here in the UK, we have chosen some of the most entertaining football quotes of 2006.

At Liverpool United, the new boss, Rafa Benetez, learned a new English phrase when player Robbie Fowler said "he was over the moon" 欣喜若狂. This means to be very happy.

Robbie Fowler impresses his boss
 He taught me a new phrase because he said he was 'over the moon' to be back at Liverpool and I had never heard that before.
Rafa Benitez, Liverpool manager

There was more interesting language from Ipswich manager, Jim Magilton. He said he was "low" 情绪低落, which means very sad or depressed but it literally means short.

He used an unusual phrase, which we have never heard before, when he said he was so low he "could have walked under a door in a top hat" 带着大礼帽都能从门下走过去.

A top hat 大礼帽 is an old-fashioned tall hat worn by men at very formal occasions.

Ipswich manager is very low
 Last week I was so low I could have walked under a door with a top hat.
Jim Magilton, Ipswich manager

Some foreign players were not impressed with life in Britain. Patrice Evra, a French defender 后卫 at Manchester United, was not settling in 适应 well in Britain.

He didn’t like the food, describing it as "disastrous" 糟糕透顶的 and he was not impressed 印象 with the weather, saying it rained all of the time.

French player is not settling in well
 I have not got accustomed to English life. The food is truly disastrous and it rains all the time.
Patrice Evra, defender Manchester United

But maybe the Queen summed it all up 一语概之 perfectly when she gave her verdict 裁决 on football, which is also known as the "beautiful game" 美观的运动.

She said that the players were "prima donnas" (歌剧)首席女演员. Prima donnas are the main female singers at the opera, but we use the term to mean people who think they are very important because they are talented, but are very difficult too, especially when they don’t get what they want.

The Queen gives her verdict on the beautiful game to Premier League chairman Sir David Richards
 Football's a difficult business and aren't they prima donnas?
The Queen

Well, you can’t argue with the Queen! Well said, ma’am! 说的好,陛下!


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