The Photography of John Thomson
John Thomson's Photography
John Thomson and two unidentified men (image courtesy of the Wellcome Library)
Thomson rarely appeared in his photographs - in this shot he accidentally included himself

Travels in China with a Camera 带着相机游览中国


One of the UK’s largest charities is working on a very special project that will result in a unique photographic show coming to Beijing in 2009.

The Wellcome Library is preparing an exhibition of the photography of John Thomson, an early photographer and traveller in China.

John Thomson roamed China in the 1860s and 1870s, taking hundreds of extraordinary photographs of the strange people and places he visited. His work constitutes a historical treasure chest, documenting imperial China before it disappeared forever.

Photo Gallery 1 精彩图辑

Photo Gallery 1: Thomson in China

BBC Learning English has been given exclusive access to the Thomson photographs ahead of their exhibition at the Beijing World Art Museum next year.

Diarmuid and Yang Li have two exclusive reports on a remarkable collection and a remarkable character, starting with a profile of the man himself.

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Thomson took hundreds of photos in the Far East, capturing the people he met from the most important rulers to the ordinary people he encountered in the fields and streets.

Photo Gallery 2 精彩图辑

Photo Gallery 2: Faces of China

Thomson's adventures are remarkable enough in themselves, but the story of how his work has been preserved for future generations is equally extraordinary.

Listen to the programme below to find out how fragile photographs from the 19th century are coming back to China.

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